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NST Is Headed To Orlando For XDC Round 3

Those of you who keep up with the NST drift team know that round two of the 2011 XDC, April 23 Phoenix AZ, was a disaster for team NST.  Will Parsons and Joshua Steele both suffered blown engines and Chelsea DeNofa had to qualify and compete in a borrowed car.
A couple weeks have flown by very quickly and round 3 is just around the corner.  Chelsea’s M3 is ready for competition this weekend, Joshua will be driving his 350Z, and Will has been very busy at getting his AE86 ready for battle.
In an effort to bring our friends and fans closer to all the action this year, we have recently teamed up with Cody Slack of APEX US Blog.  The main focus of this partnership will manifest in the next few weeks as the new documentary series, “Life NonStop.”  Visit the following links for a sneak peak of what is to come…
Stay tuned for updates from Florida throughout the weekend!
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NST AE86 (8-6) Weekend Recap; Part One.

Jonas Velasco's NST AE86 Under The Texas Sun

Three cities, three days, and 500 miles on the road … we took to the southeast Texas triangle; Houston, San Antonio, Austin.  Arguably the largest 8-6 celebration in the USA this year gathered AE86 (and other Toyota) owners willing to put in more than ten hours on the road to experience a multi-city road trip, car show, drift demo, and a weekend stay on the famous River Walk in San Antonio, Texas.

Enjoy the teaser pics here and stay tuned for a full recap coming soon!

From right to left... AE86, S13, Chaser.

Ready to roll!

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Lonestar Bash Coverage On Motor Mavens

Chelsea DeNofa's BMW M3 As Seen On Motor Mavens

You’ve probably heard the saying, “Everything is Bigger in Texas.”  Well, it definitely holds a bit of truth when you’re talking about the grassroots drifting scene in Texas.  There are a tremendous amount of talented drivers, some amazingly well built cars, and plenty of events year round.

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IR Drift Coverage By Mikael Hinojosa

Will Parsons' Turbo 4AG AE86 vs Stewart Leask's LS1 S13 at IR Drift

Our good friend Mikael Hinojosa joined us for a great night of drifting Thursday April 1, 2010, at IR Drift.  Mikael is a big fan of the TX drift scene and has been to several drift events as a participant, photographer, and spectator.  Mikael put his photo and journalistic skills to work and uploaded a recap article on

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Import Reactor Drift Photos From Castaneda Photography

Vaughn Gittin JR

Import Reactor Drift has come and gone, and the photo coverage has started rolling out.  As usual, our friend Rob Castaneda has put some great stuff on his website, CASTANEDA PHOTOGRAPHY.

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NST Banner On XDC Website For Round 2

NST ALL IN! XDC Round 2, Las Vegas, NV

I got a call today from our good friend Ernie, at XDC.  He told me to check out the XDC website, and when I did I was blown away!  One of the banners on the XDC index page has the three 2010 NST drift cars listed!

We are definitely pumped for XDC Round 2 in Las Vegas!!!

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Grand Sport Speedway March 28 Drift Event, Photos

Chelsea DeNofa getting close!

Another local drift event has come and gone… another batch of tires have been smoked, barrels of gas and Red Bull are empty.  And yet, if you were to call any of us to go out there again tomorrow the answer would be the same… “I’ll meet you there in the morning!”

I hardly ever take my own camera out to local events these days.  The local coverage from sources such as Mayday Garage, Andrew Castaneda, and other talented photographers means that the drivers and event staff can have one less thing to worry about.  A blast from the past, Alex of DailyDrifter fame was even on hand, taking pics this time around!  These guys take awesome pics and we try to make sure other things run smoothly.

End rant, enter pics…

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XDC Round 1 Video Coverage by Dead Pirate Productions

Chelsea DeNofa in the NST M3 vs. Sammy Tiger and the Tiger Racing S13

Everyone knows that some of the best drift videos are posted on Vimeo these days.  The latest video to go up is from Ross Fairfield, showcasing the first round of the 2010 XDC.  Go to the following page and watch this great video in HD…

Look for the green NST cars driven by Will Parsons, Aaron Losey, and Chelsea DeNofa!

NST @ XDC Round 1, Top16 Qualifying, Videos

Judges Chris Forsberg and Matt Petty discussing the course layout

After having reached the field of Top32, and attending a quick drivers meeting, the NST drivers were ready for their Top16 qualifying runs.  First up would be Chelsea DeNofa, followed by Will Parsons and Aaron Losey.  Check out the videos bellow!

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NST AE86 & S13 Practice Tandem @ XDC Drift Video

Will Parsons and Aaron Losey went out for a fun practice tandem run at the first round of the 2010 XDC.

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