NST AE86 (8-6) Weekend Recap; Part One.

Jonas Velasco's NST AE86 Under The Texas Sun

Three cities, three days, and 500 miles on the road … we took to the southeast Texas triangle; Houston, San Antonio, Austin.  Arguably the largest 8-6 celebration in the USA this year gathered AE86 (and other Toyota) owners willing to put in more than ten hours on the road to experience a multi-city road trip, car show, drift demo, and a weekend stay on the famous River Walk in San Antonio, Texas.

Enjoy the teaser pics here and stay tuned for a full recap coming soon!

From right to left... AE86, S13, Chaser.

Ready to roll!


Is that a REAL Toyota Chaser from Japan? Yep!

We don't mind spectators asking for rides at NST drift demos, we encourage them...

We even provide the helmets.

Group photo with the guys who traveled all the way from the TX Valley!

NST – NonStopTuning


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  1. The weekend Was AWESOME!!!!!TOO BAD for those who miss it!!!

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