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NST Hydro Handbrake Install Video

The NonStopTuning Hydraulic Handbrake is an excellent upgrade for any drift or rally vehicle.

Drifting and rally requires extensive use of the handbrake and quickly exposes the inherent weaknesses in the standard cable type handbrake supplied by the OEM. The NST handbrake requires less force to lock the rear brakes and the handle can be used in a variety of positions, by simply changing the setting of the angle lever.

CNC machined and anodized for extra strength and durability
One Year Warranty against manufacturer defect

Standard Color: NEO CHROME
Also Available: Black, Silver, Red, Blue, Gold, Purple

3/8 – 24 | 7/16 – 20 fittings

Universal Item: Professional installation highly recommended.


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NST Items IN STOCK & Ready For Shipping!


More than 100 items IN STOCK and ready for shipping

Most Items MSRP UNDER $250.00
Most Packages SHIP UNDER $10.00
International Shipping Available
More Color Options Than Any Other Manufacturer

Visit our Online Store and check out all the products we offer 

ACURA: Integra – RSX – TSX
BMW: 335i – 135i
CHEVROLET: Camaro – Corvette
FORD: Mustang
Accord – Civic – Fit – S2000
HYUNDAI: Genesis – Veloster
MAZDA: Miata – RX7 – Speed3 – Speed6 
240SX – 350Z – 370Z – GTR – Silvia
SCION: FRS – tC – xA – xB – xD
SUBARU: BRZ – Impreza – WRX
TOYOTA: Celica – Corolla – FJ – 86 – MR2 – Supra – Tercel – Yaris

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NonStopTuning Reviews – Nissan Customers


NonStopTuning Nissan Customer Reviews Since 2005
Nissan 370Z – Infiniti G37 – Nissan 350Z – Infiniti G35 – Nissan 240SX
Bellow is a small sample of all the reviews posted by our Nissan/Infiniti customers.
For more detailed reviews feel free to check the sources at the bottom of the page.

I’ll offer up my .02 real fast since I had these put on last Saturday. Woke up around 8:00 am and set out for the short 3 hour trip to Houston to pick up the parts and have them installed. I wanted the install done by them since these were their parts and all. On the way out though, I pulled over and took a quick video of how well the car reved up in neutral after it had time to get up to operating temperatures. Did a few quick pulls before continuing on… The things I noted are: -Pulleys did free up some power. -No change in sound from the engine or anything. Everything sounds just fine. -The stock pulleys are HEAVY!!!! My goodness they were heavy in comparison… -Revmatching is a bit easier. -IMPROVED GAS MILEAGE!!!!!! I want to call special attention to this last one because I really feel that it is often overlooked when people discuss modificatioins to any vehicle and it really frustrates me because I am a stickler for maximizing the efficiency of a system, in this case the engine. When I set out Saturday morning and got on the open road I reset the in car instrument that records average MPH and average MPG and drove very conservatively, trying to maximize my MPG. I originally planned to fill back up once I got to Houston and get a hard figure, but they unplugged my battery and it erased my trip numbers (o the joys of the digital age). However, the in car instrument showed a solid 27 mpg for most of the trip. Just for reference, the stated highway mileage is 26 mpg. Post pulley install, I filled back up, reset the in car instrument and hit the open highway driving the same way. On the return trip I recorded a solid 29 mpg and verified it after getting home and filling the tank back up. That is a solid 2 mpg increase or a 7.4% increase in gas mileage which is IMHO, pretty substantial. I will be keeping a close eye on the coming weeks to see if I get similar results under normal driving conditions. As an aside, there was a section of driving where the speed limit was 55 mph for probably 5 minutes of time with pretty even terrain. Before the pulleys, I was seeing around 28.5mpg and after the pulleys I was seeing around 31 mpg, or about 9% increase in mpg.
– Spikuh  (Nissan 370Z)

I had this full pulley kit installed on my wife’s 2006 G35 coupe and instantly noticed a difference in its drivability. It now has quicker throttle response, better acceleration, smoother movement throughout the power band and is overall more fun to drive. Very impressed with the kit. The car has always had power, but more is always better. Wishing we had installed this kit a long time ago. Props to NST for making a quality set up that is easy on the pocketbook.
– Thomas  (Infiniti G35)

I had my pulleys installed ~10k mi. Currently about to hit 55k (N/A), and zero problems from either crank/alternator pulleys.
– Chris  (Nissan 370Z)

That’s my car in the video years ago! Based from experience these pulleys are well worth the money. Does everything it says it does. Easy installation (depending on car and mechanical knowledge). I’ve had the NST Pulley on my tC for about 4 years/40k miles and that was with about 20k miles of having it turbo charged. After that I bought some for my 370Z and what a difference it makes! When installing correctly and using NST products you won’t have any issues!
– Josh  (Nissan 370Z)

Pulleys are in!! Nissan Master Tech “Chuck” did a great job. He said he lowered the front sway bar to access them. He had it done in about an hour (that included a ester oil change)….As far as Reviews, Chuck at Nissan said everything went smooth and he really liked the quality of the pulleys….those factory pulleys feel like 10lb weights!!! Drove 5 miles home and got on it twice and seem to feel a bit quicker revs in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd….Also some others complained about wine or noise….I could hear nothing and seems just as smooth as factory or better…(maybe Nissan Techs have a special sheet on how to install and remove pulleys?) Overall im very pleased!!!
– Shadezz  (Nissan 370Z)

Are you a customer who would like to add your review to our database?  Feel free to open the corresponding product page on our website that applies to the product you purchased and add your review.  Thank you!

Detailed reviews on product pages of the NonStopTuning website.
The370Z Comprehensive Thread

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NST Now Offers NEO CHROME Handbrakes


The NonStopTuning Hydraulic Handbrake is an excellent upgrade for any drift or rally vehicle.

Drifting and rally requires extensive use of the handbrake and quickly exposes the inherent weaknesses in the standard cable type handbrakes supplied by the OEM. The NST handbrake requires less force to lock the rear brakes and the lever can be used in either a normal or upright position, by simply changing the position of just one bolt.

Available For Order: CLICK HERE TO ORDER

Standard Color: NEO CHROME
Black and Silver also available

Universal Item: Professional installation highly recommended.

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TX86DAY is Coming! Biggest 86 Gathering in TX





TX86DAY is the largest 86 gathering in the south, organized and managed by NonStopTuning, celebrating the Toyota AE86, Scion FRS, and Subaru BRZ.

The TRACK portion of the event will offer drifting and grip sessions, including instructional sessions by AE86 legend Taka Aono, with prizes for the top participants. The SHOW/MEET portion will feature some of the best cars in the area competing for awards.

Hourly raffles will offer prizes, gift cards, and promo items for spectators, show car owners, and drifters.  The event will include DJs, autograph sessions, Q&A sessions, and entertainment activities for kids of all ages.

TX86DAY will include a vendor row with tents and booth space highlighting our great sponsors and their products and services. Spectators are also encouraged to bring their own tents to join the 86 tent village.

Facebook Event:

See you there!

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MAY is Customer Appreciation Month!

3D character with 10% discount sign. Isolated on white background with soft shadows. XXXL 3D rendered image.

May was customer appreciation month at NST!  If you ordered any item from our website you received free raffle tickets with your order.  Check our social media pages (facebook & instagram) for $50.00 gift card drawings every week.  Your tickets will be good all month long!


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NonStopTuning 11th Anniversary Car Show – March 20, 2016


2016 NST ANNIV back


NonStopTuning would like to invite all our friends and fans to join us for the NST 11th Anniversary Car Show, March 20, 2016.  Bring your friends and family for two days of Lone Star Drift action starting on Saturday, and stay for the NST Car Show with over 60 classes on Sunday!


NST Car Show Registration: Click Here

NST Car Show Sponsorship/Vendor Inquiries:
please email:

Facebook Event Page: Click Here


Video Coverage From Previous Years

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New for 2016 – Even Lighter AE86 4AGE Pulleys from NST


Since 2005, NonStopTuning has offered more pulleys for the Toyota 4AG series engines than all other companies combined.  New for 2016, NST is proud to announce even lighter versions of these pulleys for the AE86 16V 4AGE.

While NST 4AGE pulleys have always been a great way to shed unwanted weight from the rotating assembly by providing approximately 70% weight reduction vs OEM pulleys, the new versions photographed bellow are apx 80% lighter!  All other specs remain the same as before.



Product Description

The NonStopTuning Toyota Corolla Pulley Kit increases horsepower via great weight reduction and the underdriving of accessories. Superior to other available kits, NST kits also offer an Overdrive Alternator Pulley to optimize alternator output and keep the electrical system at OEM charging speeds.

Each kit is carefully crafted from 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum, tested and balanced to high tolerances. Every NST pulley is hard anodized for exceptional durability and is available in a choice of colors.

Please note: The pulleys that we list here for the AE86 Toyota Corolla are designed for the AE86 RWD 16V 4AGE. Customers with other variations of the 4AG are encouraged to contact us by email if they need more info regarding their applications.



Great weight reduction
– Average of 75% over OEM
Increased horsepower
– Average of 7 – 10 horsepower
Lower ET’s & higher trap speeds
– Average of .20s & average of 2MPH

OEM Crank Pulley 60oz
NST Crank Pulley 14oz

OEM Alternator Pulley 10oz
NST Alternator Pulley 3oz

OEM Water Pump Pulley 14oz
NST Alternator Pulley 6oz


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NST Drifters AE Photo Shoot – B3ar


Chances are, you’ve already seen our NST Drifters line of apparel, you may even own something from the line.  If not, you can order your own tee or hoodie, HERE.

For those of you who already own a Drifters Tee or Hoodie, Thank You!  Here’s a little winter eye candy to help brighten your cold and dark days of winter.  Our friends at Auto Essence recently did an impromptu photo shoot with the famous, miss Bear Dellinger.  Here are some of our favorite photos from the shoot.

NST Drifters Hoodie Features:
Soft Black 9oz Hoodie
65/35 Ring spun combed cotton/poly fleece
White lace draw cord with grey tick stitching
Twill-taped neck
Rib knit side gussets, cuffs and hem, with spandex
Front pouch pocket
Unisex sizing
Tagles Hoodie

NST Drifters Baseball Tee Features:
White Baseball Tshirt
Blue three quarter sleeves
Drifters logo with number on front
Chassis Code and number on back
NST logo on left bottom
Unisex sizing
Tagless T



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