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Chelsea DeNofa’s 2012 Formula Drift Debut!

Chelsea DeNofa In His Rookie Debut At FD Long Beach 2012

Chelsea DeNofa made his rookie debut in the Formula Drift series (April 6-7 2012) in Long Beach, CA.  Chelsea made a very strong showing in his debut and snagged a very coveted Top 32 spot for Saturday’s main competition.  Check out this excellent video recapping the event!


NST – NonStopTuning

NonStopTuning Seventh Anniversary Video Recap

In case you missed the NST 7th Anniversary Drift Competition, here’s a great recap video shot by our friends at SOUTHRNFRESH!

Many thanks to all the staff, sponsors, drivers, and spectators.  This was a really fun event!



NST – NonStopTuning

Life NonStop Documentary Series: Episode TWO.

If you are just now joining us, Life NonStop is a documentary series capturing life on the road with professional drift team NonStopTuning. Team NST has competed in all 7 rounds of this years Xtreme Drift Circuit series both east and west coast divisions.


And if you missed the first episode in the series:

NST – NonStopTuning

Life NonStop Episode ONE Is Online

Life NonStop is an online documentary directed by Cody Slack, founder of APEX US Blog.  The series follows the life of NST drivers through the 2011 Xtreme Drift Circuit and highlights the race cars, as well as the venues and cities that the team will visit throughout the season.




Nearly one hundred of NST’s closest friends and fans packed Little Woodrows, a neighborhood bar near the NST showroom in Houston Texas, to catch the sneak peak of the premier episode of the series on June 11, 2011.  Sticking to their 2011 slogan of “turning it up to eleven” NST premiered the episode at 11:11 pm.

Chelsea DeNofa in the NonStopTuning BMW E36 M3

The first episode, which includes footage from the third round of the 2011 Xtreme Drift Circuit is now available.  We hope you enjoy the series and the upcoming episodes as we bring them to you throughout the rest of the season.

Will Parsons in the NonStopTuning AE86 Toyota Corolla

A huge thanks to everyone who participated in the making of this series thus far, many thanks to those who came out to our premier, and endless thanks to the staff at APEX US Blog for making this all a reality.  Please visit the APEX US facebook page and show them some love!

Joshua Steele in the NonStopTuning NEVRSLO Nissan 350Z

NST – NonStopTuning

NST Is Headed To Orlando For XDC Round 3

Those of you who keep up with the NST drift team know that round two of the 2011 XDC, April 23 Phoenix AZ, was a disaster for team NST.  Will Parsons and Joshua Steele both suffered blown engines and Chelsea DeNofa had to qualify and compete in a borrowed car.
A couple weeks have flown by very quickly and round 3 is just around the corner.  Chelsea’s M3 is ready for competition this weekend, Joshua will be driving his 350Z, and Will has been very busy at getting his AE86 ready for battle.
In an effort to bring our friends and fans closer to all the action this year, we have recently teamed up with Cody Slack of APEX US Blog.  The main focus of this partnership will manifest in the next few weeks as the new documentary series, “Life NonStop.”  Visit the following links for a sneak peak of what is to come…
Stay tuned for updates from Florida throughout the weekend!
NST – NonStopTuning

2011 XDC Round 2. NST Is Headed To Phoenix Arizona.

After an exciting start to the 2011 XDC season (click here for the round 1 recap) NonStopTuning is taking another road trip to Arizona for round 2 of the 2011 tour.  XDC defending champ Chelsea DeNofa, AE86 maven Will Parsons, and Nevrslo Joshua Steele are gearing up for an exciting weekend in Arizona!

Let’s take a look back at how the 2010 AZ event (season finale) shaped up for NST:

XDC AZ Qualifying Order…
XDC AZ Event Recap…
XDC AZ Media Coverage…

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2011 XDC Round 1. Irwindale CA. Top 10 Photos!

Chelsea DeNofa and Joshua Steele Celebrate Podium Finishes. 1st and 4th.

The 2011 Xtreme Drift Circuit kicked off with a big bang at the Irwindale House of Drift, March 11/12, 2011.  NonStopTuning made the west coast trip with three cars and was the only team to finish in the top8 with each of its cars!

Chelsea DeNofa, on the heels of his 2010 XDC championship, “got rowdy” early and showed the rest of the field he meant business by grabbing the number 1 qualifying spot, battling through numerous “one more times,” and taking out some amazing drivers to finish as the event winner.

Will Parsons, in his freshly swapped and turbocharged F20, put on his best performance in the XDC by putting up the highest MPH through the course, qualifying higher (6th) than any other Toyota in the field, and finishing in the top eight.

Joshua Steele was consistent as ever in his newly wrapped Nissan S13.4 and earned his best XDC finish to date, by qualifying 10th and finishing the event on the podium as the number four finisher.

Follow along here for our top ten favorite photos from round one, in no particular order, and check out the official XDC top 16 bracket at the end of this entry…

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NST Drivers Chelsea DeNofa & Will Parsons Finish 1-2!

Chelsea Denofa (BMW M3) and Will Parsons (Toyota AE86) qualified in the top 4 of the field at the last Lonestar Drift Event that was held at Houston Raceway Park on October 30, 2010 and finished first and second, respectively.


See you at the next event!!!

NST – NonStopTuning

2010 NST Driver Q&A: Aaron Losey

Over the next few weeks we will bring you a new series called, 2010 NST Driver Q&A.  This session is with our good friend, and 2010 NST Driver, Aaron Losey.  Aaron is one of the oldest Texas drifters (one of the early adopters of the LS1 swap into an S chasis) and has a great deal of experience in drift series such as XDC, D1 USA, and NOPI.  Enjoy!


How long have you been driving?  What types of competitive driving? How long have you been a drifter?
I have been drifting since 2004, after my wife took me to watch a Formula D event in Houston for my birthday.  I had a blast and the sport looked approachable and really fun, so that week I went out and picked up an e36 M3 to drift at an upcoming Daily Drifter event.  Before all that I had a shifter kart, a trail jeep, and an Evo 8 I was planning to rally that was being used for auto-x.  I rode a bunch of motorcycles including my ZX-10.

What was the first car you ever bought?  Why did you choose that car and how long did you own it?
First car I ever purchased was my 1993 Jeep Wrangler.  I still have it, and it is a beast.  That was back in 1998 I think.

Tell us about your current drift car and its setup?  Future plans for the car?
My current drift car is a built S13 with a V8.  The car is fun, and has seen its share of abuse.  The car has been around for ever, and will probably be aroundnfor a lot longer.  It should be dragged out back and shot though.  I love her though: )

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NST Will Be In Arizona This Weekend!

NST Driver Chelsea DeNofa Defends His Number 1 Ranking This Weekend!

Come cheer for your favorite XDC drifters this weekend!  NST drifters Chelsea DeNofa, Will Parsons, Aaron Losey, and Joshua Steele look to bring the heat to AZ this Saturday.

NST – NonStopTuning