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NST 10th Anniversary through Strange eyes!

NST 10th Anniversary

NST 10th Anniversary

NonStopTuning hit double digits in 2015, we’re finally TEN!  Things have definitely come a long way in a decade, the landscape of enthusiasts and motor sports has certainly changed, especially the young sport of drifting that we’ve grown up with, from infancy to its ever evolving current status as a professional sport.

Media, photography, and video has certainly changed during this decade as well.  Leaps and bounds have been made in this industry since the introduction of social media, handheld video cameras, and smart devices.  Take any of these items back just a decade and the masses would have called you “strange.”  But strange is good, especially when it has rhythm.  That’s what this post is about; the NST 10th Anniversary event as seen through the eyes of a young photographer and car enthusiast, well versed in the art of photography, social media, and blogging.

Check out his recap and photo gallery (over 400 pics) here: STRANGE RHYTHMS BLOG

You will not be disappointed!

NST 10th Anniversary

NST 10th Anniversary

NST 10th Anniversary

NST 10th Anniversary

NST – NonStopTuning


2015 NonStopTuning 10th Anniversary Car Show

2015 NST Anniversary

2015 NST Anniversary

2015 NST Anniversary

2015 NST Anniversary

NonStopTuning would like to invite all our friends and fans to join us for the NST 10th Anniversary Car Show, March 28/29, 2015.  Bring your friends and family for two days of Lone Star Drift action, an NST Car Show with over 60 classes on Sunday, and a huge party Saturday night!

Facebook Event Page: Click Here
NST Car Show Registration: Click Here
LSD Drifter Registration: Click Here

NST Car Show Sponsorship/Vendor Inquiries, please email:

NST – NonStopTuning

2014 NonStopTuning Anniversary Event


NonStopTuning Anniversary 2014

NonStopTuning would like to invite all our friends and fans to join us for the Ninth NST Anniversary, March 22 and 23, 2014.  Come celebrate with friends and family as we host two days of drifting, an NST Car Show, and a huge party Saturday night!

Facebook event page:  click here
NST Car Show registration page:  click here
Drifter registration page:  click here

NonStopTuning Car Show

NonStopTuning Car Show

2011 NST Anniversary Video

2012 NST Anniversary Video

2013 NST Anniversary Video

NST – NonStopTuning

2013 NonStopTuning Anniversary Car Show & Drift Competition



Those of you who are friends and fans know that we’ve hosted an NST Anniversary event each of the past three years.  We have our date and location locked in for our 2013 celebration and look forward to having you guys with us as we celebrate our eighth year in the industry!

DRIFT COMPETITION – Cash Prizes & Trophies:
$400.00 CASH, 1st Place
$300.00 CASH, 2nd Place
$200.00 CASH, 3rd Place
$100.00 CASH, 4th Place

CAR SHOW CLASSES – Over 25 Classes – Raffles & Award Certificates

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NonStopTuning Seventh Anniversary Video Recap

In case you missed the NST 7th Anniversary Drift Competition, here’s a great recap video shot by our friends at SOUTHRNFRESH!

Many thanks to all the staff, sponsors, drivers, and spectators.  This was a really fun event!



NST – NonStopTuning

UPDATE: NST Sixth Anniversary Media Contest! UPDATE!!!

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NonStopTuning is hosting the NST Sixth Anniversary Drift Competition & Car Show
Gulf Greyhound Park.  March 6, 2011.  Houston, Texas.

In order to thank our media friends and partners, we have decided to host a media contest for those of you who will be in attendance.  Media personnel who attend our event will be eligible to compete in one or more of the following categories…

  • Photo Album – submit a link to your online photo album
  • Article – submit a link to your online event recap
  • Video Recap – submit a link to your video recap

Links MUST BE emailed to BY MARCH 15, 2011.
subject line:  NST Sixth Anniversary Media Contest.

One winner will be selected for each of the three categories (in late March) and each winner will receive a $100.00 cash prize!

Media personnel who wish to participate in this contest should arrive at the event by 9:30am.
Please contact NST by phone (281-917-0221) for more information.

Media personnel submitting video coverage, please include the following sponsors in your credits at the END of your video…
– Fabricated Motorsports
– Baker Nissan
– Underground Graphics
– Secret Services Auto
– Nevrslo Motorsports

We’ve also added a facebook page for those who may be interested in spreading the word that way…

NST – NonStopTuning

NST Sixth Anniversary Event Coming Soon!

The NST Sixth Anniversary Drift Competition & Car show is scheduled for March 6, 2011.

Our official event page will be updated often as we move closer to March.
Please bookmark/like and follow along here…


NST – NonStopTuning