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Import Reactor Drift Photos From Castaneda Photography

Vaughn Gittin JR

Import Reactor Drift has come and gone, and the photo coverage has started rolling out.  As usual, our friend Rob Castaneda has put some great stuff on his website, CASTANEDA PHOTOGRAPHY.

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Grand Sport Speedway March 28 Drift Event, Photos

Chelsea DeNofa getting close!

Another local drift event has come and gone… another batch of tires have been smoked, barrels of gas and Red Bull are empty.  And yet, if you were to call any of us to go out there again tomorrow the answer would be the same… “I’ll meet you there in the morning!”

I hardly ever take my own camera out to local events these days.  The local coverage from sources such as Mayday Garage, Andrew Castaneda, and other talented photographers means that the drivers and event staff can have one less thing to worry about.  A blast from the past, Alex of DailyDrifter fame was even on hand, taking pics this time around!  These guys take awesome pics and we try to make sure other things run smoothly.

End rant, enter pics…

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XDC Round 1 Top32 Qualifying & Photo Coverage

Lookin' good!

The drivers came out under the sunny skies of Southern California’s Irwindale Speedway for the first round of the XDC 2010 season.  All three NST drivers overcame issues with their cars during Friday’s Top32 Qualifying session and placed well.

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XDC Round 1 Coverage By

Aaron Losey's S13 on

Our friend Larry Chen was out at round 1 of the 2010 XDC, taking pics of the awesome cars on track.  I will post a few of his pics here, and you can find the rest of them on his website,

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NST @ XDC Round 1, Getting Started

Chelsea DeNofa's E36 M3, Aaron Losey's S13 240SX, Will Parsons' AE86 Corolla

After a NonStop 30 hour road trip from TX to CA, and six hours of sleep Thursday night, we have arrived at Irwindale Speedway for round 1 of the 2010 XDC.  We’re getting everything situated and adding a few finishing touches before tech inspection this morning.  Drivers are expected to have a practice test and tune session on track later today, so stay tuned!

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