XDC Round 1 Top32 Qualifying & Photo Coverage

Lookin' good!

The drivers came out under the sunny skies of Southern California’s Irwindale Speedway for the first round of the XDC 2010 season.  All three NST drivers overcame issues with their cars during Friday’s Top32 Qualifying session and placed well.


Will Parsons had to deal with what turned out to be a set of bad spark plugs (causing the car to break up badly as he went through the gears) to qualify 20th.  Aaron Losey’s S13 started throwing a fuse every few laps (causing the fans to stop running, and the car to break up badly) to qualify in the number 16 spot.  Chelsea DeNofa’s M3 seemed to overboost constantly (throwing off the ECU and cutting power) to qualify in 12th place.

A number of great pics were posted on Wrecked Magazine and we look forward to even more coverage over the next few days.   Stay tuned for more blog entries over the next 24hrs!

Aaron Losey's LS1 S13 as shot by Wrecked Magazine

Chelsea DeNofa's turbo M3 as shot by Wrecked Magazine

Will Parsons' turbo 4AG Corolla AE86 as shot by Wrecked Magazine

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