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NonStopTuning 2012 Xtreme Drift Circuit Wrap Up. Media Galore!

Will Parsons NonStopTuning AE86

The 2012 season was packed with high powered fun and excitement.  The Xtreme Drift Circuit added new courses, new drivers, and even crowned a new champion.  NonStopTuning’s Chelsea DeNofa (back to back 2010 & 2011 champion) was no longer a full time driver in the series, having left to pursue what would become a very successful rookie year in Formula Drift, and that left the XDC crown up for grabs.

Chelsea DeNofa NonStopTuning BMW E46

The NST squad had a great year in 2012.  The combination of Will Parsons, Joshua Steele, and Chelsea DeNofa went on to record more podium finishes than any other team in the series.  Will Parsons continued his streak as the only driver to have competed in every U.S. round of XDC, and continues to hold the record for being the only driver to have finished in the top four, at four consecutive events; more than 100 competitors have driven in the series since March of 2010.  NST was also the only team in the 2012 series to have two drivers finish the season in the top eight of the points chase.

1st – Forrest Wang – 449 points
2nd – Mike Pollard – 334 points
3rd – Nate Hamilton – 330 points
4th – Chelsea Denofa – 312 points
5th – Will Parsons – 300 points
6th – Stewart Leask – 296 points
7th – Dan Savage – 285 points
8th – Geoff Stoneback – 248 points

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2012 Xtreme Drift Circuit Standings After Four Rounds. Two NST Drivers In Top Four.

NonStopTuning AE86 & Will Parsons

Will Parsons & The Classis AE86

After four rounds of the 2012 Xtreme Drift Circuit having gone into the books, NonStopTuning drivers are well in the championship hunt.  Points totals for the East and West regional divisions, after 2/3 events in each division:

Xtreme Drift Circuit East Region Top 10 After Two Rounds

1. Chelsea Denofa 226 pts.
2. Nate Hamilton 173 pts.
3. James Evans 137 pts.
4. Will Parsons 118 pts.
5. Dan Savage 113 pts.
6. Stewart Leask 110 pts.
7. Matt Waldin 103 pts.
8. Jeremy Lowe 96 pts.
9. Jeff Jones 95 pts.
10. Lee Alexander 92 pts.

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NonStopTuning Driver Chelsea DeNofa Triumphs At 2012 XDC Rnd 4, Hyperfest

The smell of funnel cakes, hot dogs, and burnt rubber fill the air as spectators from around the nation sit in the stands, listening for the rev of two engines ready for battle.

Drunk with anticipation the excited crowd has already seen Ferraris and Corvettes among others race around the same track earlier in the day.

Now they’re eagerly waiting to see a smoke trail of horsepower drift around each clip of West Virginia’s Summit Point Motor Park’s Raceway.

It’s not Tokyo Drift. And it’s not called a race.

No, the professionals will tell you that this event is the fourth round of the 2012 Xtreme Drift Circuit series.

It’s a serious competition and it’s not a lap–it’s called a run.

Drivers are judged on their ability to over steer, lose traction of the rear wheels, and maintain control of the car as it hits the apex.

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