NST Feeler: AE86 Steering Lock Spacers, Anyone?!

AE86 steering lock spacers allow for more angle!

Would anyone be interested in a limited run of NST Steering Lock Spacers?

  • Spacer adds 25mm to zenki AE86 Corolla steering rack
  • Also compatible with MX71 Cressida, AE71 Corolla, KE70 Starlet, and AW11 MR2
  • Noticeable improvement in steering lock
  • Ideal for use in competitive drifting


We can make a limited number of these pieces available immediately, if the community is interested!

NST – NonStopTuning


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  1. ME!!! I WANT!!!

  2. LOL I knew Ricky would Jump on it Immediately!! ;-P

  3. do you still do these?

  4. YES! These are available on our website.

    NST – NonStopTuning

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