NST ON THE ROAD: Driving to XDC Round 1 in SoCal!

NST AE86, NST E36, NST S13 ... loaded!

The three cars are loaded and we are on the road to XDC Round 1, Irwindale California.  The three car trailer, holding Will Parsons’ AE86, Chelsea DeNofa’s M3, and Aaron Losey’s S13 will be on the road from Houston, TX to Irwindale, CA for the next 1500 miles.  See you in Cali!

We need to do about 1500 miles in about 24 hours!

XDC Season Opener

Click here to get started on all of the coverage that we have posted on this event!

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  2. HELLZ YEAH!!! Kickass!! Best of Luck to Team NST!

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