NST Nissan 180/240/Silvia SR20DET Two Row (a/c delete) Crank Pulley

NonStopTuning SR20DET Two Row Crank Pulley

NonStopTuning is proud to announce the release of the latest crank pulley, in a long line of NST pulley kits, for the Japanese turbocharged Nissan SR20DET.  So you’re thinking, “I already have that budget pulley I bought off Ebay for my SR, why should I spend money on a new NST pulley?”  Well, NST offers SR20DET pulleys that are built in the USA.  NST pulleys are all CNC machined using the best material possible, they are HARD-ANODIZED for exceptional durability  while knock-offs are not, and include proper timing marks not found on knock-off pulleys.

To make things even better, NST now offers the first SR20DET crank pulley of its kind:  The NST SR20DET Two Row (a/c delete) Crank Pulley.   This pulley eliminates the middle row (a/c row) that 90% of SR20 swapped cars usually leave open.

The majority of the 240SX owners that we chat with at drift days, autocross events, or road races have swapped their KA powerplants in favor of the Japanese SR20DET.  These owners hardly ever use A/C on their track cars and usually leave the middle row on their crank pulleys open…

Is the middle row on your pulley open? Are you supposed to have a belt there?

Now take a look at the NST Two Row SR20DET Crank Pulley, shown here on Josh Steele’s S13 drift car…

The NST SR20DET Crank Pulley drives two belts, eliminating the middle row!

NST crank pulleys are of the highest quality, include proper timing marks, stainless sleeves on the backside of the pulley, and are HARD-ANODIZED for exceptional durability….

NST Two Row SR20DET Crank Pulley

Josh Steele will run these pulleys on his 2010 S13 drift car.  Feel free to ask him to pop the hood at a track near you!

Joshua Steele's 2010 S13 Sponsored by NST

Sideways in Vegas for the 2010 XDC Round 2

Josh Steele's S13 can be seen on the 2010 Xtreme Drift Circuit tour

NonStopTuning SR20DET pulleys are an excellent source of weight reduction; RADICAL!

NonStopTuning SR20DET Pulley Kits are available on our website and we are always available via phone or AIM if you have any further questions.  Thanks everyone!

NST – NonStopTuning


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