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NST Blog Feature: The Punisher’s X!

A few months ago (click here to get caught up)  we asked our blog readers to send in short stories/entries regarding their projects.  We received a few good entries and it’s time to shed the spotlight on one of the best ones!

We’ll start with Mickey Le’s TRD Supercharged Toyota XRunner:

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Toyota 1GR TRD Supercharger Pulley Upgrade, +20WHP, +25WTQ!

The Toyota X-Runner community is a cool bunch. These guys and girls love their trucks, and they love to modify them. One of the more popular big power adders is the TRD Supercharger. Rated at 6psi the TRD SC adds a very noticeable kick to the truck’s rear-end and makes the 1GR engine much more responsive. We wanted to see if we could improve on an already great modification, while keeping the 1GR streetable and dependable.

Toyota 1GR TRD Supercharger

TRD Supercharger for the Toyota 1GR (XRunner, FJ Cruiser, Prado)

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