NST Blog Feature: The Punisher’s X!

A few months ago (click here to get caught up)  we asked our blog readers to send in short stories/entries regarding their projects.  We received a few good entries and it’s time to shed the spotlight on one of the best ones!

We’ll start with Mickey Le’s TRD Supercharged Toyota XRunner:


Mickey’s truck has been used as an NST test bed several times, as recently seen in this entry!
Here’s his blog feature in his own words…

**Ring, Ring,………*
I wake up from a nightmare to the sound of my phone going off.  I think to
myself “*What time is it?*”  I take a glance at the clock and it’s reading
10:45pm.  I grab my phone and see it’s a number I haven’t seen before.  It’s
a 281 (Houston) area code and I figure it’s a random number but “*what the hell*” and
answer the phone. *A* unfamiliar voice starts and from that point on began a
series of events that led to answers that I have been searching for.

Prior to the X-Runner I had a E46 M3.  My dream car.  Once I got in the
X-Runner I knew I wanted more of everything.  More power.  More handling.
Just More. About half a year into having the truck I made the decision to
get the TRD S/C.  I wanted to feel that raw power of being put in my seat
as I “white knuckled” the steering wheel but also knew that I wanted to
keep my warranty in place.  I finally got the truck back from the
stealership and couldn’t wait to break loose the tires.  As I drove home,
something didn’t seem quite right.  It was close, but just not there.  I felt
disappointed and looked for a solution to the anger/depression/confusion
that I felt.  All I knew was that I wanted MORE.

It came in a call that night.  A call from Mike from NonStopTuning.  From
that point on we worked tirelessly together to develop the NST overdrive
pulleys for the TRD S/C.  It was the answer to my long search for MORE.  At
least for  now… A true modder is never done.

A special shoutout goes out to Mark(Torspd), Poonin(Grumpy), Ryan(Blastap),
James(Coupe), McLovin, and of course NST Mike.

*Engine & Drivetrain:*
TRD Short Shifter w/ “Coupe” Mod
NST Power Steering Pulley
NST Water Pump Pulley
NST Crank Pulley
NST Alternator Pulley
NST Overdrive S/C Pulleys
NST Sticker (Good for 5rwhp)
APR 2.85″ S/C Pulley
APR 7th Injector
668cc Injectors
Doug Thorley Headers
Walbro 255 Fuel Pump
URD “Y” Pipe
URD 3″ Exhaust w/ Dynomax Turbo Muffler
Spec 2+ Clutch
Lightened Steel Flywheel

*Suspension & Chassis: *
URD TracBar
DJM Front Control Arms
Sittin Sic Monoleafs w/ Custom 1.75″ blocks
Sittin Sic Sway Bars
Sittin Sic “Stiff” Springs
QA1’s Rear Adjustable Shocks

*”Look Pretty” Mods:
*Gaylord’s Speedstur Truck Bed Lid
PLX AFR & Boost gauges
Custom molded gauge center dash gauge pods
19″ Ray Volks AV3’s
Blacked out Headlights w/ 6k Luminous Solutions Projectors
Redline Hood Struts
Recessed Grill
“Coupe” Shifter Ball
SubXclosure shift boot
Cravenspeed Stubby w/ Superman Mickey Mouse

*Steg K2-01 205w at 2 ohms
Steg K4-01 145s at 2 ohms
Eclipse 726E Head unit
2x JL 10W3’s
2x Focal K2
Optima Red Top
Hornblasters Conductor’s Special Model 540 Train Horn Kit

Mickey has been busy this year, showing his XRunner all over the state of Texas and collecting some well deserved trophies!

Texas Heatwave: South Padre
Best mini-truck

DUB show: Houston
Best mini-truck

Texas Showdown: Houston
3rd Mini-Truck-Toyota

1/31 NST
Staff favorite


NST – NonStopTuning


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  1. one of the cleanest X’s around!

  2. James Schoppe

    Damn nice truck…….

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