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NST AE86 (8-6) Weekend Recap; Part Two…

Our guest blogger for this series, Thaison, and his blue Hachi Roku!

Honestly, I don’t know why I haven’t celebrated 8-6 day in the past.  How long have I had my Corolla?  About 4 years now.  But  for some reason…I never celebrated the festival.  What I do know is that I’m VERY glad I partook in it this year!

So NST Mike first told me about this masterplan back at the 512Project event.  We were sitting in the shade just off the blistering track where the event was being hosted.  He asked me if I could keep a secret.  “Of course…”  He told me about his plans of a TRI-CITY meet for August 6th, 8-6 day.  Houston -> San Antonio -> Austin.  I thought it was the most genius plan I’ve ever heard.

We do it big in Texas!

Fast forward a month and some odd days later.  What was the plan?

–          8/6: Cruise from NST down to S.A. to the Four Points Hotel.

–          8/7: Go to the Street Havoc Event at the Freeman Collesium/AT&T Center and watch the NST drift Demo.

–          8/8: Cruise up to Austin, eat some delicious food at Pho Thaison, hit up the twisties, and everyone heads home.

Action packed weekend? Ohhhh yeah!

Sadly I missed the Day 1 cruise from Houston down to San Antonio.  But I made up for it with the next two days!

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