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JV’s 512 Project Recap, Part 2

512 AE86

Continuing from where we left off… Jonas Velasco’s 512 recap.

Woke up with the chickens Saturday and pulled the “dynamic duo” around to the front of our sanctuary to outfit the corolla for the masquerade ball; a pair of flares for the rear haunches were employed just to fit the bill.

512 AE86-2

That’s what is known as poor posture due to a weak core boys and girls.

512 AE86-3

Saddle shoe on wheels folks.

After finishing up, we headed out for the 15 minute drive to our destination: Driveway Austin Motorsports.  The drive didn’t show any signs of 512 traffic or other signs of potential mobile hooliganism.

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Jonas Velasco’s 512 Project Recap, Part 1

It’s been a week and my body is just now finally recuperating from what was the 512 Project put on by the folks from Hellaflush & Fatlace (along with their fellow compatriots) at Driveway Austin Motorsports   here in the Lone Star State’s capital.  Glancing at the empty bottle of Ibuprofen (nudged every so often by a ceiling fan breeze) on my writing desk, the recap is a little less painful translating the events from a more rested mind.  Still restless but rested none-the-less.

On the prompting of a few of the guys from I registered for the event with plans to drag NST along by hook or by crook.  Fortunately it was more of the former so there was less clawing and biting and very little running mascara.  So on Friday – June 25th, after planning out the logistics and paying our $35 registration fee, we kissed the loved ones, loaded up the old Corolla and raised up some dust for Austin, Texas.

Filling up the old Ford for the long haul.

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