JV’s 512 Project Recap, Part 2

512 AE86

Continuing from where we left off… Jonas Velasco’s 512 recap.

Woke up with the chickens Saturday and pulled the “dynamic duo” around to the front of our sanctuary to outfit the corolla for the masquerade ball; a pair of flares for the rear haunches were employed just to fit the bill.

512 AE86-2

That’s what is known as poor posture due to a weak core boys and girls.

512 AE86-3

Saddle shoe on wheels folks.

After finishing up, we headed out for the 15 minute drive to our destination: Driveway Austin Motorsports.  The drive didn’t show any signs of 512 traffic or other signs of potential mobile hooliganism.


Too true, too true.

We finally did come across intelligent life in the form of NOS’ S2000, with their regional president at the helm as we took our exit.  He was the only notable proof within sight that we were headin’ in the right direction or at least a destination of interest we shared.

There’s not another soul in sight. We just may be early enough to drive straight in hassle free behind the NOS mobile…


Well, in spite of not being able to cruise straight into D.A.M. (Dig how that acronym just works out for them?), we weren’t too far behind fellow HOU cohorts, so we made decent time.  We didn’t have to wait long and were able to make it through the gates in just about 10 minutes from our arrival, on an already ensuing scene of chaos and off load our incongruously colored charge.  Fired up the furnace and did my best to resist the enticing siren – like calls from each of the corners I passed on my way down to the “showroom floor”.  (We’re going to have to come back and use the track for what it was really intended for…NASA anyone? – and I don’t mean the one that’s being dismantled…)

Hey, a quick shout out to Bahena & Yim!

Just outside of the main showing area of the track.


Waiting...some more...

After getting settled in for the remainder of the day, Mike and I made some preparations to stave off heat exhaustion, tied up our laces, grabbed a kerchief, towel (or the next best available thing) and took in the sights and sounds.

There was a great deal of Nissans on our side of the track area.  In fact, I believe in total, Toyotas and Subs were out-numbered by Nissans and Europeans put together.  Still, the amount of near perfect fitment setups that filled the place was enough to re-define everyone in attendance’s expectations regarding the “art”.  From what I observed, most of the cars were able to navigate from the highway, through the gate and down onto the track without assistance and/or taking on damage to well groomed exteriors.  But, there were several that weren’t quite pragmatic in their execution.  At times taking things at a crawl and even at overly cautious speeds that would give any badge toting cross-walk guard worth his metal a good enough excuse to assign them detention for going too slow, for even a school zone.  Mercifully I’ll say for those in the latter group: it looks good but it shouldn’t be moved.

Settled in.

The "furnace"

Ready for the heat with a little help from our good friends at NOS!

Scott from NOS

Just inside the main center of the showing grounds.

Hmmm, I don't think that's factory...

Simply outstanding.

I finally got to meet up with Joshiroku from 86garage.com.  He made the trek in from, using his words, “the armpit of Texas” – aka Corpus Christi.  He brought along 2 lovely beauties from his stables.  There’s a story behind both but if you want to hear the tale of each you’ll have to come to one of 86garage’s “bunch ups” (such as the 2010 86 day this coming August 6th) and corner him for the details.  The cars in person say a lot of good things about his attention to detail, his ideas and his abilities to put those ideas into tangible, well executed reality.  Aside from cars, he’s a “down to earth, buddy buddy kinda’ guy”.  Once, he even saved me from a gigantic, albino barking tree spider that pounced on me from an over-hanging tree; it would’ve had its daily recommended amount of “unsuspecting filipino” neck juice (with tapioca by-the-way) if it hadn’t been for his sudden wide-eyed “Oh my god!”  A quick Bruce Lee slap-down and foot stomp dispatched my attacker.  Thanks Josh.  I owe you man.

Sitting inside made me hear voices: “…Mahtee…Mahtee!” “Doc?”

It’s undeniable: hints of Boz are definitely there. Oh, and those insignificant blurry guys are (from L to R): me, Josh(iroku) & Victoria Rob (no, I still don’t know his last name).

As I mentioned before, the Nissans AND the Europeans were out in force.  A favorite of mine from the VW clan was the GTI sporting the solid wood rear interior – definitely boss in my book.  Ok, maybe that slammed Audi wagon on the gold flakes is tops…you know, I don’t really care.  Both of those cars had undeniable class and I don’t mean low in any negative sense of the word.

VW bowling lane…ok with an Xb tag along.

Some natural earth tones.

From a humbling perspective.

I’m not well versed in VW’s but another favorite of mine was this weathered MKI Jetta coupe.  Forgive me if I may have gotten the model wrong.  The headlights might have confused me.  I didn’t get a chance to track down the owner of this aged “belladonna” but I captured her soul for memory’s sake.

“Oooo, what's this?”

The hosts were obviously holding up at what somewhat passed for a center stage area.  Cool giveaways were being handed out – that will explain some of the cluster of people you’ll see later in some of the photos.  The Fit was something worth taking note of.  16Niss definitely made a strong showing at the 512 event.

512-21In spite of the heat that was both beating down on you from above, as well as melting the soles of shoes and blistering recently pampered & pedicured feet from below, show goers and participants willingly made the irritating 100 yard trek to the only two beverage vendors on sight.  It’s possible the track management wanted to minimize unwanted debris from the main portion of the track area but really, people were bringing it with them anyway.  Others were pre-emptive and brought along their own coolers of ice-cold beverages, meats and bar-b-q pits and much needed shading.

Familiar faces from HOU were in no short order.  Paul, Hajime & John from PZ (Planet Zero) were definitely a given, as well as Ameen Rizvi from 786 Motoring.  A couple of more 86garage members, nexus4400 came up from SA (San Antonio) with his lovely hatch and 85levin from McAllen with his family.  We didn’t get a chance to visit this time around but hopefully this August we’ll catch up for sure.  You may have noticed a black 86 coupe in some of the photos; unfortunately the driver’s name is escaping me but I remember his buddy Warren – if you guys come across this blog, stop by 86garage.com.



Planet Zero in good form as usual.


nexus4400 - TE37s AND Wats?! No shortage of desirable wheels here. – I see you mikey.




Let's hope none of my daughters ever ask me what that means...the shame of not being able to say I don't know makes it worse...


Passenger – Warren; Driver - ???


I have a sneaking suspicion that these n'er-do-wells are up to no good. (L to R: Poonin aka Grumpy of Xrunner Underground, Mike of NST & yours truly) – Hey, can you spot Victoria Rob and Nexus4400?


Vehicles of necessity.


786 Motoring's flagship of destruction.



Unaware of Fitment waiting in ambush!


XDC repping it on the side of delirious! Yes, I was biting my knuckles…


Mike with our friends and gracious hosts (L to R): Irving, Mike & Alice

The day was drawing to a close but the one pleasant surprise that I just could not pass up was a slammed and bagged ’63 Chevy pickup.  This stand out piece of rolling art rolled in and out like butter with a no-less-than wicked exhaust tone that warmed your insides the right way even under a sweltering sun.  This was turning heads before and after it passed you.




Stunning to say the least.

Before we packed up our buddy Thaison, another 86garage.com kinsman, just made it in for the last 30 minutes.  The biggest topic of the day from everyone was definitely the heat.  With some Texas hospitality and generosity everyone was able to make it through the day’s oven-like temperatures.


Thaison's over ripened "mango"


Check out the bang-up air vents on this 2nd gen Rolla.


Ok, this piece goes like this...

Lights and sound, drinks and laughs were well under-way by the time we arrived for the 512 After show Party!  The bar was not wanting for customers and I’m sure many a liver were in desperate need of a vacation after that night.  If sleeping bags were ever needed, it was definitely there and then and on the spot.  There was not a shortage of sleep deprived partiers if ever I did see ‘em.  The senior citizen volume levels were a bit of a let down, as well as the overly bright surroundings. The drinks kept flowing, though.  Pretty soon, things were toning down and crowds were thinning.  Sleep was already finding its way under my eye lids and I could definitely feel it creeping into my joints and quickly settling in.






The face of a snoring menace.

Sunday morning arrived like the unwelcomed knock from house cleaning.  After expressing our thanks to Irving and Alice, we achingly headed out the door to retrieve our two largest luggage pieces out in the parking lot.  As we were leaving, we spotted this out-of-left field, lifted 3rd generation Trans-AM.  Check it out!


See it?!

We were hoping to stay a little longer but family and friends were anxious for our return.

Stay inspired! – Jonas V

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