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NST BMW 335i / 135i N54 Power Steering Pulley


NST BMW 335i 135i Crank & Power Steering Pulley

NonStopTuning, the leader in BMW N54 pulley development, is proud to announce the release of our newest pulley for the BMW 335i/135i twin turbo N54 engine.  The NST PS-Lite Power Steering Pulley is a lightweight aluminum replacement pulley, for your plastic OEM piece.  Yes, in case you were not aware, your OEM BMW power steering pulley is plastic!  Pick up a lightweight unit from NST and you will have the peace of mind that your new pulley will not crack, chip, or chunk at the track or on the street.

The NST PS-Lite Power Steering Pulley is a great compliment to the NST N54 CR-Lite Crank Pulley.  Many of you are currently running the CR-Lite and you have seen firsthand, the excellent performance of this pulley.  Those of you who are not familiar, feel free to check out the dyno testing and photos for yourself, here.

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