NST @ XDC Round 1, Top 16 Tandem Recap, With Videos

Will Parsons putting some distance between he and Jeff Jones in TOP 16 tandem!

Chelsea DeNofa and Sammy Tiger going ONE MORE TIME!

In the round of Top 16 Chelsea DeNofa was paired against Sammy Tiger in the Tiger Racing SR20DET Nissan S13.  Will Parsons would go against Jeff Jones in the CXRacing 1JZGTE Nissan S13.  Both tandem battles would prove to be very exciting.  Grab your pop corn and get ready for some great pics and video!


Down the straight, left entry onto bank, through clipping points and zones in the infield

First up, Chelsea would chase Sammy Tiger, followed by Sammy chasing Chelsea in the second lap.  Both drivers did well and the judges called for a ONE MORE TIME!  Again, Chelsea would chase Sammy in the first lap.  The drivers took off on the straight and initiated onto the Irwindale bank, from there they hit the clipping point and moved into the infield for the second and third section of the track.  This is where things got interesting.  Sammy decided to go super wide and tagged the wall with his bumper in the process.  This caused him to wobble a bit and enter the following clipping zone a bit wide, Chelsea felt that his only option was to stay on his own line, leading to a pass on the inside.  Unfortunately for Chelsea, the judges concluded that this was an illegal pass, giving the win to Sammy Tiger.  Check out the pictorial sequence and video…

Chelsea DeNofa on the inside

Chelsea DeNofa after the pass

Chelsea DeNofa chasing Sammy Tiger…

Chelsea DeNofa leading Sammy Tiger…

Chelsea DeNofa is eliminated, Sammy Tiger moves on to the round of Top 8.


Next up, Will Parsons and his turbocharged 4AG AE86 vs. Jeff Jones in the CXRacing 1JZGTE S13.  Will Parsons would chase Jeff Jones first, with a second run to follow with Jeff Jones chasing Will Parsons.  During his leading run, Jeff Jones seemed to leave the line and make his way down the straight at an unusually slow pace.  The S13’s speeds on the bank and into the infield seemed uncharacteristically slow at times, and the AE86 was very close going into the second and third sections of the track.  Unfortunately, an attempt to avoid a collision with the S13 at the clipping zone led to a spin by Will Parsons.  Check out the pics and video clips…

Will Parsons closing in on Jeff Jones' S13

So close!

Will Parsons chasing Jeff Jones…

Another angle on Will Parsons chasing Jeff Jones…

On his lead lap, Will Parsons got off to a quick lead and put a very large gap between he and Jeff Jones on the Irwindale bank, as well as through the first and second infield sections.  This was one of the largest gaps between any two cars in the top 16 round and the AE86 seemed quicker as it passed each clipping point, unfortunately it was not enough to overcome the previous lap.

Will Parsons was VERY fast on his leading lap

Will Parsons leading Jeff Jones…

Unfortunately Will Parsons’ day would come to and end here as Jeff Jones moved on to the round of Top 8.

The first round of the XDC was a blast for all of us and we would like to thank the XDC staff who worked hard on making this event as good as it could possibly be.  A huge thanks to all the fans who came out to support the event and the drifters, Blake and Ben for taking pics and videos for us, and Tim from Secret Services for all his help as our pit crew chief!

An excellent Round One recap video is available here … http://wp.me/pPD1d-5s

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  1. great showing will!

  2. Wish I could have gone!

  3. awesome guys!

  4. Is that a new turbo on wills car or did he turn up the boost? looks like great fun and aarons car sounds badass.shame the judges didnt see it your way, i think both chelsea and will had more angle and showed more car control while it seemed like the other guys were just trying to keep up or not mess up. anywho awesome job and good luck on round two.

    i bet cxracing is running cheap ebay turbos.

  5. Sorry we didn’t get to talk to you guys after the event since you had questions. The way we saw it, Chelsea was way off the line in the bottom causing him to be too fast and to creep up under Sammy for the pass. Had he been on the right line, putting angle on right before Sammy hit the wall (and not crashing or passing), it would have been an easy advantage. As for Will, almost the same deal, except he was way low on the bank and shallow coming into the first clip and therefore had too much speed coming into the bottom outside zone and spinning undoubtedly to avoid a collision (it’s no secret I have a soft spot for 86’s but it was not Will’s day). The idea when you follow is to match the line of the lead driver (obviously we don’t expect you to follow them into a wall, but follow none the less, matching turn for turn). The lead should attempt to run their best qualifying line. Thanks for coming out and I look forward to seeing you guys in Vegas when you use this info to do better next time. I’m sure this isn’t the last time I’ll see you in Top 16 tandem. Good Luck.

  6. Mike,

    Thank you for the post and the info, I certainly do appreciate it.

    My intention with this entry was neither to question the calls, nor the judging. We all understand the calls and the rules, I was simply posting a recap of our event from our perspective.

    In the end, it is each driver’s responsibility to lay down the best run they possibly can, within the rules. I certainly agree with you in saying that, “The lead should attempt to run their best qualifying line” and that the chase car must pursue accordingly.

    Thanks again for working so hard to make XDC the best it possibly can be, I know it takes a lot of work and dedication. We look very forward to seeing you in Vegas for round two!

    MIKE @ NST

  7. Nice videos!

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