NST Toyota W58 To AE86 Adapter Plate Kit

NonStopTuning W58 Adapter Plate

New from NonStopTuning, we hope to run our latest test piece during the 2010 drift season on the NST AE86.  The new NST Adapter Kit will allow us to swap the much stronger Toyota W58 transmission into the AE86, in place of the T50.  This swap has been done a few times in the AE86 community, but the means have never been very readily available to the mass public.  We hope to make a number of these kits available to the community later this year and will keep everyone updated with our progress during the season. 

We plan to run the W58 along with a custom SPEC cluth kit this season

NonStopTuning W58 Adapter Plate

NonStopTuning W58 Adapter Plate


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  1. EXCELLENT. [>.<}

  2. Any updates on the w58 4ag adapter?

  3. Hi I just wanted to know if you guys are selling this kit. I have few questions do I need a different clutch and drive shaft.Exactly what else do I need to make this work with my ae86. Thanks

  4. Yes, a custom clutch setup would be required. We hope to have all the details available within the next six months.

    Thanks again!

    NST – NonStopTuning

  5. Staff @ NST,

    put me down for 2 sets of these when they go into production. thanks

  6. i want one too, otherwise im gonna throw my w58 in a cressida.

  7. To buy a W58 as AE86 Adapter Plate Kit where I am


  8. and buy the adapter kit where my address send me an email

  9. Any Idea when this adapter plate will be available?



  11. One order right here, definately good for us

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