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NonStopTuning Scion Customer Reviews Since 2005
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Bellow is a small sample of all the reviews posted by our Scion customers.
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I’d like to weigh in on my experience with your pulley for the tc2. I have had mine installed for 140,000 out of my cars 200,000 miles and it has been great! no squeaks, no leaks, no shredded belt, it does exactly as you claim. Hell the only reason I remember I installed the pulley any more is when I pop my hood to check/change my oil i see your shiny red crank pulley. Great product NST, and if i ever purchase a pulley or pulleys for any of my future vehicles you guys will be my first search.
-talt2008  (Scion tC)

After driving for a little while I’m now at around 23.3mpg where as before I was getting 19.9-21.2, definitely a gain in responsiveness and a much better feel when getting to higher rpms.
– Errikos  (Scion tC)

Had the pulley for 3k miles and then drive across the country(another 3K) in 2 days and everything is just fine. no leaking or vibrations.
– Scion202  (Scion tC)

I ordered the pulley on Friday, it got here on Monday morning and was installed this morning. Easy installation, no weird noises, no vibration, and feels great! Glad I bought it. There is a very noticeable difference in weight and I can feel a small increase in engine response and power in higher RPMs. Worth the money.
– Chraxter1122  (Scion tC)

That’s my car in the video years ago! Based from experience these pulleys are well worth the money. Does everything it says it does. Easy installation (depending on car and mechanical knowledge). I’ve had the NST Pulley on my tc for about 4 years/40k miles and that was with about 20k miles of having it turboed charged. After that I bought some for my 370z and what a difference it makes! When installing correctly and using NST products you won’t have any issues!
– Josh  (Scion tC)

I’ve been running the three piece kit on my daily drifter over the last 3 years with no problems. Shiniest bits in my engine bay for sure.
– Ryan  (Scion FRS)

Ordered last Friday and installed a week later. Its amazing how heavy the stock pulleys are compared to these things. I can’t say I can feel any HP changes but the throttle response and smoothness is entirely worth the money. Install is cake and really quick if you don’t have to pull off all the stock intake. I would recommend.
– Zane  (Scion FRS)

So I went on a 300+ mile drive. I’m pretty sure I have gotten an increase in fuel mileage. My average had been 28.2 for the longest time. It has climbed to 28.5 since Thursday.
– CUS  (Scion FRS)

As for the pulleys and how they perform, I’d say they work pretty well. The effects are subtle (no giant HP gains), but definitively there. The car feels smoother taking off, and just in general especially with in town driving. Probably the biggest noticeable effect right away is down low in the RPM’s in the torque dip, and when wringing it out up high.
– Scott  (Subaru BRZ)

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