NonStopTuning 8th Anniversary Media Contest – VOTE NOW!


Those of you who follow our blog know that we recently announced a media contest for our media partners who were in attendance at the NST 8th Anniversary.

The time has come to list our contestants and get your votes!

After reviewing each entry, YOU THE FANS, can reply with a comment (at the bottom of this page) and tell us which entry you liked best, and why.  We will take your votes/comments into consideration when selecting our winner.  Voting ends April 18, 2013.

ONE winner will receive a $250.00 CASH prize, a box of NST goodies, and most importantly- eternal internet fame and glory!

Grab your tub of pop corn and get ready for some awesome coverage…

Jason Scott & Dennis Nguyen of Southrn Fresh

Jason Scott & Dennis Nguyen of SOUTHRNFRESH,  photos & video

Jason and Dennis are going as a double headed monster with photos & video coverage:

Can't Hate Brad Burnett's V8, It's In A Corolla!

Meagan Ellsworth, full article with photos

Meagan Ellsworth is a seasoned journalist and her story was a guest blog feature for NST:

Alex Nunez of WMD

Alex Nunez of WMD, article & photos

Alex Nunez of What Monsters Do is represented by his blog article and photos:

Bobby Villarreal of Gear Trendz

Bobby Villarreal of Gear Trendz, article & photos

Bobby Villarreal of Gear Trendz also submitted an article with photos:

After reviewing each entry, YOU THE FANS, can reply with a comment (at the bottom of this page) and tell us which entry you liked best, and why.  We will take your votes/comments into consideration when selecting our winner.  Voting ends April 18, 2013.

We had a great deal of feedback and lots of discussion the last time we had one of these contests. Don’t be shy!  Vote for your favorite, come back to see others’ comments, and share your input.  We appreciate all the feedback!

ONE winner will receive a $250.00 CASH prize, a box of NST goodies, and most importantly- eternal internet fame and glory!

— EDIT —

Thanks to all the fans who voted this year.  We had a record number of votes and we’re proud to announce Jason Scott & Dennis Nguyen of SOUTHRNFRESH as our 2013 NST Anniversary Media Contest Winners!   Jason and Dennis will receive their cash prize by the end of May, 2013.


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  1. I picked gear trends cause the article is more personal and his pictures were amazing.

  2. I vote for SOUTHRNFRESH. Best video. Best quality photos that aren’t mine… In your face Jason.

  3. Voting for Southrnfresh bc fried chicken.

  4. I vote for SOUTHRNFRESH!!! Dennis and Jason (grand master and secret samurai) are amazing at photography and video. Dedicated people right there!

  5. I vote SOUTHRNFRESH for the best photos and video yet. But that’s because Proper Garage hasn’t finished theirs yet lol.

  6. i vote for southrnfresh!

  7. Jason Scott and Dennis Nguyen from southrnfresh are so rad! They get my vote!!

  8. southrnfresh! Great videography

  9. Janey Gonzales

    GEARTRENDS!!! Great action shot and the angle of the shot is perfection! Looks like something out of Fast and Furiois!

  10. Gear trends has my vote! Great photos and write up

  11. I pick gear trends… the site is awesome different and very unique. More of a one on one, than anything else.


  12. Southern fresh! Awesome quality pictures, great action shots and video! Jason and Dennis rock!

  13. Vote for Gear-Trends. Article and shots were great.

  14. Gear Trends’s article was pretty well written. Great photos! Lots of detail.

  15. Voting for Gear Trends. Amazing shots and great write up.

  16. Love the photography

  17. mark razmandi

    Voting for Southrnfresh!

  18. Vote for Gear-Trends. Article and shots were great.

  19. Brandon Casey

    Jason Scott & Dennis Nguyen of SOUTHRNFRESH. Loved the shots.

  20. I vote for Gear Trends pics look legit

  21. Gear trendz has amazing photos and an awesome article

  22. Southrnfresh definitely has this. Dennis’ videography is top notch and Jason’s photos are stellar.

  23. This is some pretty badass photography. He always captures just the right angle. Love it!!! I’m facebooking this guy

  24. I meant to put Gear Trends in, I’d like to vote for this guy. Amazing work!

  25. Gotta be Southernfresh.

  26. gear trends!!! I love the shot taken of the car. Looks really awesome! And a great article to go with it as well!

  27. Eddie Thunder

    I’m going with gear-trends, the dude has amazing photos an his article was top notch an crazy shit that they gave him a media pass just hours before the event. Mad skills brutha

  28. Alex Perrucci

    SouthrnFresh! That video was sweet.

  29. I vote Jason Scott & Dennis Nguyen of SOUTHRNFRESH! So sick!

  30. GEARTRENDZ!! Siiiick action shot!!!

  31. Southrnfresh, because jason likes chainsaws(*shifty eyes*) and dennis, well he has some rad videos… But mostly because of the chainsaws.

  32. Great videos everyone, Southrnfresh takes this one. The concept, music, and shot choices are extremely well thought out.

  33. gear trends has some amazing shots!

  34. Gear trends. The clearity in the pictures are te best!

  35. Evey Regalado

    Definitely my vote goes to Gear Trends, its no contest. Great article and superb photos.

  36. Nick Villarreal

    Voting for Gear Trends!

  37. I vote for Gear Trendz!! Nice write up and I’m diggin the action shots!!

  38. Jason Scott!

  39. I Vote for Southernfresh, i enjoy the radiant colors in there photos. Also the video is really fresh and southern.

  40. I vote for Jason Scott and Dennis Nguyen!!

  41. Southrn Fresh is the best. Jason is the best. Dennis is the best. Best.

  42. A vote for Jason Scott at southrnfresh

  43. Southernfresh. Great guys and great coverage!

  44. I vote for southrn fresh because reasons!

  45. I vote for southern fresh great job as always. These guys are friendly and fun! +1 vote.

  46. I vote for SOUTHRNFRESH. Great quality photos and video. Action shots were the best!

  47. Southrnfresh hands down. The wizard is always champion

  48. Southrnfresh gets my vote


  50. Southernfresh all the way! Top quality pics and video coverage

  51. My vote goes to southrn fresh. … they took the time not only on great photos but also a video.. they never let us down.

  52. I vote for Gear trendz! Nice photos.

  53. James Derrick

    Southrnfresh bc Jason Scott is the grand master troller and I don’t want to experience his wrath that would rain down upon me..

  54. Jason and denniiiis!!

  55. Voting for SouthernFresh!!

  56. I’m going with GearTrends amazing shots!

  57. My vote goes to GearTrends nice shots man!

  58. GearTrends no contest! Sick article!

  59. Absolutely going with gear trends! Amazing photography and an awesome article to go with it! Love love loved it!!! GEAR TRENDS!

  60. GearTrends has my vote!

  61. GearTrends GearTrends GearTrends!

  62. GearTrends love the angles!

  63. I vote for bob @ GearTrends

  64. Is this a joke? Southrnfresh

  65. Vote goes to GearTrends!

  66. GearTrends!

  67. I vote for GearTrends, those pics are out of this world & the article, very well stated!.

  68. Honestly would have Togo with GearTrends!

  69. Gear trends, great eye for detail and humble write up.

  70. Danny Puckett

    Southern Fresh Duh! Some sweet shots in the video Dennis! Awesome photos by Jason as usual! Wish we could have gotten a video done in time. oh well, next year

  71. sexy sexy sexy =)

  72. Voting for SouthernFresh

  73. mawmotosports

    I vote for SOUTHRNFRESH

  74. Dat southern fresh!!

  75. Hands down Southrnfresh! Great job Jason and Dennis yal had a great cover of the event!

  76. This is got to be a joke. My vote goes to gear trends . Just look at the quality and theirs more than one angle in the still photos.

  77. Voting Gear Trendz. Those photos are amazing. Loved the article piece too.

  78. Southrnfresh for the victory. Boom.

  79. Charlie banks

    I vote southrnfresh !!!

  80. Voting for Jason Scott & Dennis Nguyen of SOUTHRNFRESH.

    They had great TX2K13 coverage.

  81. Carlos Villanueva

    I vote Southrnfresh! Pictures are amazing

  82. Geartrends FTW, amazing shots and write up o.O

  83. Gear Trends! Photos are pretty great.

  84. Ramiro Castillo

    Southern Fresh is always bringin there A game! They have my vote!

  85. vote for gear-trends. Loved the article

  86. Gear-Trends, awesome photos and well written article that shows true professionalism.

  87. GEARTRENDS! No contest!

  88. Geartrends. Love the blog and the pics. Keep up the good work man.

  89. All are good but I’m going for geartrends.

  90. Geartrends! Nice picz!

  91. SOUTHRNFRSH because they kick ass and stuff. And things. Do you guys sell litreacola?

  92. another vote for southernfresh, for much the same reasons as everyone else

  93. My vote goes to heart trends

    -tattoo Jenny-

  94. Geartrends! Because steak is better then Fried chicken 😉

  95. I’m voting for gear trends.

  96. Geartrends all the way!

  97. Geartrends!

  98. Heart trends this guys has some sick ass photos!

  99. I’m voting for geartrends! Bob is an awesome dude/photographer. Great article too!

  100. Gear Trends! I love the pictures.

  101. Geartrends no contest

  102. Geartrends dude is legit!

  103. Geartrends love the article. He doesn’t sound like a robot. The pictures are awesome too.

  104. Geartrends!

  105. My vote is for gear trends!

  106. Gggggggeeeeaaarrrrrrtttrrreeeennnddddsss!

  107. Bobby Gear-Trends

    I’m not sure if voting has stopped yet or if this will count, but I’d like to vote for Alex Nunez of – I didn’t talk to the guy, or any of the other photographers out there that day, it being my first drift event and all I got carried away with the cars. This guy had some great shots, kept to himself on the track and didn’t get in anyone’s way. I wish I could have seen more shots though since the ones up on the blog were spot on! Hope to say whatsup to this guy at future events.

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