NST 11-11 Happy Hour Coverage & Life NonStop Episode III

Life NonStop Episode 3

NST friends and fans joined together to catch the premier of Life NonStop episode three, and were treated to an NST happy hour.  Guests were invited to enjoy free snacks and an endless flow of Red Bull & Vodka, in a bar setting overlooking the game-room and blue waters of the Marquis Bellaire.

The third episode of Life NonStop, a documentary series that followed the NST drift team through the 2011 Xtreme Drift Circuit produced by APEX US, is now live and ready for your viewing pleasure:

Continue reading for photo coverage of this event.  Photos courtesy of Cody Slack of APEX US.

NST H2O = Maximum Hydration

At the NST bar, a fan flips through the 2011 Lone Star Drift Program Guide as he sips on a cold Red Bull & Vodka

Fans mingle and chat, leading up to the premier

The calm blue waters, down bellow

Fans gather in front of the big screen for the premier of Life NonStop episode III

NST group photo

Which camera are we supposed to look at? I think that one!

Many thanks for coming out everyone!!!

Ash: "that was awesome, we should definitely come back for the next party they throw." Marwyn: "yep."

NST – NonStopTuning


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