NonStopTuning Crank Pulley Dyno Testing: 2nd Gen 2011 Scion tC


One of the most popular sport compacts of the decade is undoubtedly, the Scion tC.  And NonStopTuning offers more pulleys for the tC than all of our competition combined.  So it should come as no surprise that when we received word of a new 2nd generation engine, we knew we had to get our hands on a test car.
We decided to test with Josh’s automatic tC.  Not to worry, you can install the NST pulley on your manual transmission tC and see awesome gains as well.  The NST CR-Lite Crank Pulley is an OEM diameter aluminum pulley that replaces your cast iron crankshaft pulley and offers you 70% weight reduction over stock.  This weight reduction leads to better horsepower and torque delivery across the entire RPM band, quicker acceleration, and better MPG.

Let’s get to the numbers and the test results…


The OEM Scion/Toyota 2AR-FE crankshaft pulley tips the scales at almost 70oz, while the NST prototype pulley weighed in at only 25oz.  This means that the NST CR-Lite Crank Pulley is about 70% lighter than the OEM pulley that it replaces, and should lead to better horsepower and torque numbers on the dyno, better throttle response, and quicker acceleration.  Our dyno testing proved our theories to be true.

Our 2011 Scion tC recorded 142whp and 135wtq on the dynojet

Josh’s tC recorded 142 whp and 152 wtq on the Carboy dyno in southwest Houston.  Next up, we would install our prototype CR-Lite Crank Pulley and test again.  It is important to keep in mind that all of our baselines, our installation, and post runs on the dyno were performed on the same day.  This is vital in keeping external variables under check and ensuring proper readings and results.

Josh looking on and hoping for good results!

The 2AR-FE is what moves this Scion

Back on the rollers at Carboy, the 2011 Scion tC liked the NST CR-Lite Pulley!

The Toyota 2AR-FE responded very well to the NST CR-Lite Crank Pulley.  The weight reduction led to better whp and wtq numbers, quicker acceleration, and throttle response.

Peak WHP: from 142 to 147 and we saw a massive increase of +20 whp @ 4,100 rpm
Peak WTQ: from 135 to 151 and we saw a massive increase of +25 wtq @ 4,100 rpm


Peak HP went from 142 to 147 with a gain of 20 WHP @ 4,100 RPM

Peak TQ went from 135 to 151 with a very impressive 25 WTQ added at 4,100 rpm

The tC required 22 seconds to go from 50mph to 120mp in 4th gear. Only 20 seconds needed to get there with the NST CR-Lite Crank Pulley.

The numbers and testing prove that the NST CR-Lite Crank Pulley for the 2011 Scion tC is THE BEST bang-per-buck modification on your list.

The Scion tCII NST Crank Pulley is available for order on our website.


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