NST SIXTH Anniversary Media Contest. VOTE NOW!

Those of you who follow our blog know that we recently announced a media contest for our media partners who were in attendance at the NST Sixth Anniversary Event.  Here is a link to refresh your memory… http://wp.me/pPD1d-pd

The time has come to list our contestants in the following categories:
Video Recap, Blog Article, Photo Album

After going through each category, YOU THE FANS, can reply with a comment (at the bottom of this page) and tell us which entry you liked best, and why.  We will take your votes/comments into consideration when making our winning selections for each category.  A winner will be announced for each category at the end of March, 2011.

Each winner will receive a cash prize, a box of NST goodies, and most importantly-
endless internet fame and glory!

Grab your tub of pop corn and get ready for some awesome coverage…



1.  GoodTimeLab Video by SyTuPh on Vimeo


2.  Cinema Toast Video by Cinema Toast on Vimeo


3.  Henry Swasey Video by bbturbo87 on YouTube


4.  Chase Fisher Video by PandaWatchProduction on YouTube



1.  Mikael Hinojosa on chron.com:  click here for full article!

2.  Lovette Garcia on InsEnt:  click here for full article!

3.  Cody Slack on Apex US: click here for full article!

4.  Jake of WFSU.net: click here for full article!


1.  Mikael Hinojosa on Flickr:  click here for full album!

2.  Sy Pham on Flikr:  click here for full album!

3.  Jake @ WFSU.net:  click here for full album!

4.  Dennis Nguyen on Flikr:  click here for full album!

5.  Chase Fisher on facebook:  click here for full album!

6.  Edouard Dubiton on smugmug:  click here for full album!


Leave a reply bellow with your favorite in EACH CATEGORY
and help us out with our selection process!

Winners will be announced at the end of March, 2011.

A HUGE thanks to our sponsors who made all of this possible:

– Fabricated Motorsports
– Baker Nissan
– Underground Graphics
– Secret Services Auto
– Nevrslo Motorsports

NST – NonStopTuning



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  1. Alright, for the videos…I gotta say I LOVE GoodTimeFab Video by SyTuPh! The music just really brings it all together! As far as the photos go, I am stuck between Sy Pham, which I gotta say the dark background with the bright cars really pops, and Jake @ WFSU.net. I love how Jake’s photos have that old vintage feel to them!

  2. Such a hard choice. So many awesome pics/vids/write ups! Thanks again to everyone that came out and supported the event and the drivers! You guys are all awesome! And a huge thanks to Aaron from fabricated motorsports and mike from Nst 🙂

  3. video. henry
    article. mikael
    photos. jake

  4. All this videos are nice but i like goodtimefab video by sytuph. Music and video go great together and most of the scene are great

  5. Ok, so I definitely gotta give it to Sy for the video. His was tops, BAR NONE!!! When it comes down to best Photo Album, I have to agree with Chase and say its between either Sy or Jake. Both of them did a really great job and got a lot of great pictures. I really like how Sy’s pictures turned out with all of the backgrounds, times of day, and lighting.

  6. 1. sy
    3. sy

  7. Video=Chase Fisher,even tho the other ones are real nice,Fisher has EVERYBODY!Including the PLP Having fun trying to drift!Plus you could also see the INSANE angle that chelsea was getting!!!
    Photos=Sy Pham!!AWESOME PICTURES!!!But not enough of them tho,but still gets my vote!
    Blog=Mikael Hinojosa has my vote!Why?He had my attention in the first paragraph till the end!
    Hard judging but some1 has to do it!

  8. Vote for Jake on the picture, seen that car in person, very sick.

  9. video – sy
    article – mikael
    photos – sy

  10. ayo

    photos / article : jake @ wfsu all day.

  11. I have to give my vote to Sy and Nathan at GoodTime Lab for their video. The video was creative, didn’t seem overly repetitive like some of the others, and held my interest longer.

    All in all, good job to everyone.

  12. Video = Good tim lab
    Article = miss Love
    album = Sy Pham

    keep up the work NST

  13. jake @ wfsu.net most def has my vote

  14. sy pham takes my vote for the videos as well

  15. photos / article : jake @ wfsu

    vid sy sy

  16. Aron (digitalpirat)

    Blog Article: Jake of WFSU
    Photos: Jake of WFSU
    Video: Cinema Toast

  17. Best Vid : Good Time Lab
    Best Article: Lovette ftw!!!
    Best Album: Edouard Dubiton

    Loved all the footage an pics an especially Mikael’s article LOVED IT ALL!!

  18. Blog Article: Jake@WFSU
    Photos: Jake@WFSU
    Video: Sy

  19. Video: Cinema Toast

    Article: Jake of WFSU

    Photos: Jake of WFSU

  20. video: Cinematoast
    article: Cody Slack
    Pics: Sy

  21. Video: Henry
    Pics: Jake
    Article: Jake

  22. Didn’t have time to catch all of it, but got a chance to glance at some photos. I’d say best album goes to Edouard. I love the bokeh effect in his pictures. It really captures the essence of motion in that snapshot in time!

  23. Video = Cinema Toast
    Article = Lovette Garcia
    Album = Edouard Dubiton

  24. 1. Mikael Hinojosa on chron.com

  25. Best Vid : Good Time Lab
    Best Article: Jake of WFSU
    Best Album: Mikael Hinojosa

  26. Vid: Henry Swasey

    Article: Mikael Hinojosa

    Photo: Mikael Hinojosa

    Cinema Toast

    This video had me captured from beginning to end. He did a great job capturing the excitement and emotion of the day. Some of the other videos were good but too mellow dramatic.

    Mikael Hinojosa

    The article had the most pictures and was well written. He seemed to do a good job covering a little bit about everybody competing.

    PHOTO ALBUM CATEGORY: (I won’t vote for my self)
    Jake @ WFSU.net

    While everyone had some great shots, I feel Jake had more diversity in his photos. The post processing is subtle in most instances and I can tell he had a good time taking the pictures.

  28. Jake @ Wfsu

  29. Video: SY
    Blog: Garcia
    Photo: Dubiton

  30. Awesome footage and pics, great stuff here!

  31. Henry Swasey for video
    Jake for blog
    Edouard for album

  32. Video- Sy

    Article and Pics- Jake of WFSU

  33. cinema toast for sure!

  34. cinema toast for their video

  35. best artice Lovette.

  36. video was cinema toast for sure. cool editing and it gets you pumped.

  37. Edouard Dubiton…. his album has my vote.

  38. Best Video : Good Time Lab
    Best Article: Lovette
    Best Album: Edouard Dubiton

  39. Cinema toast killed it, not even a contest.

  40. Best video: Cinema Toast, great footage, nice smooth editing! Great work overall.

    Best album: Dubiton Imagery! Captured the best images. Amazing shots, super talented! Awesome work!

    Best article: Mikael Hinojosa, nicely written!

  41. It seems to me the only legitimate contender in the video category is Cinema Toast. Even though the other contestants provide some good shots and decent coverage, Cinema Toast’s video blows them all out of the water.

    Not only is their cinematography professional and endearing, but their coverage of the event is well-rounded. From Chelsea’s previous car shots to the unveiling of his new car, the audience is able to appreciate how much work went in to this big moment for him. The drift shots are all clean and well put together.

    One thing that sets Cinema Toast’s video apart from the other’s is their coverage of drift scene culture. If someone who had never heard of drifting saw their video, they would understand not only the sport itself, but the lifestyle during the meets. With interviews and crowd shots, their video highlights the event as a whole.

    Cinema Toast’s musical selections were fitting and provided an excellent flow to their film. Although drifting is exciting and intense, the music does not necessarily have to follow suit. So, on that note, I thought their selections were perfect.

    Kudos to all the entrants… It takes a lot of work to produce a video from start to finish and it is obvious that everyone’s heart was in it. But Cinema Toast definitely provided the most well-rounded, interesting video on so many different levels.

    Absolutely, 125% of my vote goes to CINEMA TOAST!

  42. Cinema Toast NST for Event Video!!

  43. Edouard Dubiton for album

  44. video – GoodTimeLab
    article – Jake@WFSU
    photos – Sy

  45. The event was amazing!!! Everyone did such a good job on coverage its hard to pick just one.

    Vid: Cinema Toast

    Blog: Lovette

    Album: Edouard Dubiton

    Good luck everyone!!! See u at the nxt event.

  46. Julie Deerinwater

    Best Album: Edouard Dubiton

    Edouard’s pictures had amazing clairity and depth of color…his pictures make you feel as if you’re standing right in the middle of the action.

  47. Best Album: Edouard Dubiton

    Great Pics, excellent lighting and just all around terrific.

  48. Edouard Dubiton Webiste has my vote, awesome pics.

  49. Also, definitely Edouard Dubiton for his photographs. Very nice. I would expect to see any of his photos in a magazine.

  50. Ana L Resendez :Edouard Dubiton Awesome footage and pics, great stuff here!

  51. Best video : cinnamon toast, fun video, great shots and nicely edited.
    Best album: Edouard Dubiton, amazing shots, beautiful work.
    Best article: Hinojosa

  52. I vote for Cinema toast!

  53. Paula Oliveira

    I liked Edouard Dubiton’s album! very original!

  54. cinema toast. duh.

  55. I say the Cinema Toast video was the best. Loved the music and the shots of drifts with bits of the day between. I liked the shot of the camera catching the drift as it was being recorded.

  56. Mike Hinojosa for best blog.

  57. Video: SyTuPh

    Blog: WFSU.Net

    Photo’s: Edouard

    Looked like a lot of fun

  58. vid: Sy
    blog: Garcia
    ph. album: Dubiton

  59. Cinema Toast Video has my vote!

  60. Best Article Lovette

  61. My vote for video goes to – Cinema Toast

  62. You rock Edouard Dubiton!!! you have my vote!!!

  63. Video – Cinema Toast

    Photo – Edouard Dubiton

  64. My votes are for:
    Video – Cinema Toast
    Article – Lovette Garcia
    Photo – Dennis Nguyen

  65. ^_^

  66. cinema toast. duh.

  67. For photos, I definitely choose Eduardo Dubiton. Every single one of his shots was different and really awesome. Not as many shots as some of the other guys but they were all great shots and that’s what counts.

    For the article, I’d say Cody of Apex Us. All of the articles were done well but were all very different. Cosy’s article seemed to cover the event thoroughly and had good pics to go along with it. I’m glad he put which guys went up against one another and the final standings.

    For video, I chose Cinema Toast. It’s awesome to see how everyones videos turned out. It’s great that we all experienced the same thing and saw the same cars and runs and all have completely different videos with different energies.

  68. Photos:Dennis Nguyen, I like the clean raw look. Its real.

    Blog: Cody Slack on Apex US, First thing I liked was the layout. My attention span is horrible so when I read blogs that show me pictures as I read I often read then look at a photo then get distracted and will not return to reading. This format allows me to read the article then browse photos. 2nd the article was written in a reader friendly way which allows me to pay attention to the detail. And 3rd the article was posted the next day after the event, in the blog world I think getting the article out as soon as possible is important.

    Video: Cinema Toast, this video has great flow from beginning middle and end. It included all lot of different things, Cars, people, drifting, and character, that is what these events are made of. The interviews also help tie it together.

  69. Absolutely Best Album: Edouard Dubiton!!!!!!

  70. GoodTimeLab Video by SyTuPh has my vote for best video. It was exciting. There was one shot that looked as though the car was going to smash the camera. Also, I thought the points at which they slowed the car down was nice.

    Edouard Dubiton has my vote for best album. He got some great focus with those long exposures. I like his overall composition and the colors really jump too.

  71. I honestly hope that these comments don’t weigh in much at all on this decision. If they do, it’s going to boil down to a dick swinging contest of who can spam the link to the most friends and have them comment. Which, face it, everyone is doing, myself included.

  72. I vote for Edouard Dubiton for photo album.

  73. Edouard Dubiton for photo album

  74. Edouard Dubiton for photo album

  75. Photo Album: Edouard Dubiton great photos!

  76. Mine’s BIGGER!!!

  77. True! I think and hope it will boil down to the pure quality and talent involved in each entry. The comment thing is fun to see what people think though.

  78. Jake, in the end we are driving people to the site, so everyone wins. I agree with Danny, its fun to see what other people think.

  79. Cinema Toast.

  80. love the top pic by far shows speed elegance and color from background that dont take away from what we are suppossed to be looking at

  81. Oh I’m not disagreeing with any of the above points, it’s definitely driving traffic, and it’s also fun to keep an eye on, but fact is when it comes down to it, the majority of the comments being left are under the instruction of the person they are voting for, lol. Either way it’s not a serious competition and it’s all in good fun, just hoping the final decision will be based primarily on NST’s decision and not a popularity contest.

  82. I believe mike will be the final decision. He will take in to account who has the most votes an all that but in the end its just him that matters. Mike Mike PLZ PLZ PLZ pick me!!! lol jk, im sure this wont be the last contest he has. Gotta wait till the end of march to find out who wins, dont hold ur breathe tho.

  83. Dont forget full photo gallery on APEX US of the whole event. At the bottom!

  84. video – cinema toast

    photo – Sy Pham

  85. Video – Good Times

    Article – Garcia

    Album – Eduardo

  86. Video Recap-#2 Overall presentation gave me a feel of a well organized event. The music have it great energy.

    Blog Article-#1 I was able to have a clear understanding of the event. Some can capture your attention with words others with pictures in his case job well done on both.

    Photo Album-#6 STUNNING action shots by Edouard Dubiton. Clean clear shots. Great subject in each shot. Impeccable timing.

  87. CINEMA TOAST has the best video by far. They get my vote.

  88. Mos Def AGREED!!!!

  89. Video – cinema toast!
    The editing on this video was amazing, as were the music choices. I love how you got a fell for the event as a whole! I was really impressed and left me wanting to see more! Again the editing was perfection.

  90. Video #2 by Cinema Toast was excellent, as was the music. Best by far, has my vote!

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