NST @ XDC Round 5, Texas Motor Speedway; Photo Coverage!

When we first got word of the XDC national tour almost a year ago, we were all excited to see a Texas date.  We’re very accustomed to traveling the country for national events and are used to thousands of miles of travel per year, but we won’t lie, we felt we were overdue for a national event date in our backyard.  OK, so it wasn’t in the greatest city in the Lonestar State (HOUSTON) but it would do!  We were stoked!!!

As the NST staff rolled into Dallas Friday morning, we were greeted with massive rain clouds.  This would not be good.  The weather finally started to clear up a bit Saturday afternoon, and the competition rounds provided some great driving and a few surprizes.

OK, enough reading… you want photos, don’t you?  Follow along here in chronological order.


Friday morning, as we rolled in to Texas Motor Speedway

The Speedway Club

Building the NST Friends & Fans tent

Tim working his magic on Will Parsons' AE86

Chelsea DeNofa in the monster M3!

Aaron Losey, one of the earliest adopters of the LS1

After a handful of great practice laps, Will Parsons was dealt with a really bad blow. Engine blown, game over...

Chelsea DeNofa loves his new NST shirt! Could it have something to do with the fact that his car is pictured on the front?!

NST staff members had green rain coats, for when it rained

Friends and fans started showing up around noon on Saturday

From left to right... Brittany, Mike, Tim, Katie, Marwyn

Watching qualifying runs from the stands

NST fans showed up in their favorite shirts!

Shades of green filled the Texas air!

Friends, fans, staff, and drivers... together for a group photo!

Posing with the S13 green machine!

Green team or DREAAAAM team?!?!

NST drift cars, sittin' pretty!

Rain or shine, Katie is always ready to go!

The XDC girls stopped by for a photo with the Z

Chelsea DeNofa signing autographs for the fans!

"you're cute!" ... "no, you're cute" =P

Aaron Losey and Chelsea DeNofa in tandem practice

Speed & Smoke

Fans came out in numbers and filled the stands to cheer for their favorite drivers!

And the judges watched from above

Doug Van Den Brink chasing Aaron Losey

Chelsea DeNofa did a 100 yard burnout and the fans loved it!

Fans signed up for NST White Out shirts, via the blog, and showed up wearing them!

Performing a series of moves requiring skill and care, Katie demonstrates how to drift through the large crowd

NST welcomes you to Texas!

Reminiscing with old friends, bringing back great memories!

"I'm taking Losey's broken bumper home, to hang in the garage"

DVDB took home the cheese, including the NST cash contingency for 1st place!

Doug knows NST is #1, and Katie decided to remind him, just in case!

A quick game of tug o' war before we pack up and head out!


... and pull!

All packed up, now to discuss dinner plans...

See you next time!

Many thanks to all our friends and fans who came out to support the NST Drift Team at this event.  Your help and support means a great deal to all of us.  Good luck and have fun with all your projects, everyone!

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  1. I like the comments on all the pics!!!Specially the one dat says”ur cute….ur cuter”Dat was FUNNY!!!!!

  2. had a blast and it was good to see everyone. it was great to talk about past events with katie. good times good times

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