NST Service Garage Feature; Warren’s AE86 Corolla

Warren brought his black AE86 Corolla hatch to the NST Service Garage for some work this past week.  While the car looks great and has a lengthy list of performance modifications, it needed a good amount of work to be ready and reliable for daily and/or track use.

In Warren’s own words:  “I’m 27 now and I just turned 18 when I met my very good friends Jack, Rocky, and Jimmy who introduced me to the AE86 and all that stuff through VHS Hot Versions, etc. I bought two corollas a few months later and never looked back.  As hard and expensive as it is to own these and do them the right way, I never gave up on  it or wanted to sell it… “

That's Warren's other car in the background... Lexus IS300.

Warren picked up his car Friday afternoon and had a huge smile on his face.  It was the first time he would be driving this car in the last few years.

Oldschool Advans FTW!

Warren says that his AE86 is going to come back for a few more upgrades in the near future, and is an on-going project.  We happen to think it looks and performs pretty well as is, and we wish him the best of luck with all his future projects!

1986 toyota corolla gt-s: auto x and nasa time attacks
blue top 4ag, Wiseco pistons, ARP bolts through-out, HKS cams, TRD motor mounts,
TRD valve springs, over sized Ferrea valves with valve job, port matched and polished,
HKS cam gears, Greddy timing belt, K&N intake, TRD header, Buddy Club spec 2 exhaust,
Koyo radiator,  NST stainless steel shifter bushing thingy, Illegal Garage clutch,
SS brake lines,  KYB agx  shocks,  T3 nrca’s, camber plates and strut tube spacers,
Tension rods and Strut bars, Advan Oni wheels.

NST – NonStopTuning


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  1. This puppy really has been cleaned up. Looks like a great car to run from the cops in but Warren doesn’t seem like the type to do that sort of thing, nor spill beer all over everybody… but ya never know.
    Good job NST!

  2. Very nice man! Really good to finally see it on the road again. It sounds/looks/runs great!
    Looking forward to seeing it in my rear view too. J/K I will plow into a corner, and you will gutter turn on the inside ftw. 😉

  3. Sweet ride!

  4. this car is fast!

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