NST AE86 (8-6) Weekend Recap; Part Three.

Day 3: San Antonio to Austin

So, after the previous night’s…adventures…check out from the hotel was at noon.  Most of us checked out on time.  Haha, others a little bit later.  Huge props to Mike @ NST for hooking me up with a hotel room!  I just knew today would be…TWO THUMBS UP!

So we met up in front of the hotel and got ready to roll out.  Of course, since we were going to my family restaurant, I was to lead the way!  With Mike as my  co-pilot and my  iPod…we came across some GANGSTA songs.  Took it way back to Ginuwine’s Pony and more!  Haha.

Took the first exit where I thought there would be a big gas station.  Everyone loaded up on gas, snacks, and dranks.  Mike got some ICE CREAM!!!  But as we left, my car didn’t start.  Well…it never does.  I’ve had to push start it every time for the last two or three months.  Haha, I need to get my NST pulleys on ASAP b/c my alternator pulley is underdrive… weaksauce… (the NST pulleys will fix this problem once they’re installed).  Then Johnathan’s red coupe?  Overheated… so we chilled for a bit while he sprayed his radiator down with water.  Story of an AE86 owner’s life.  How many roll around with spare parts in their trunks and all the fluids necessary?  MANY.

Back on the road!  I thought of it as an AE86 mob traveling down I-35.  Such a great sight to see!!

Look at the sky above! Amazing!!!

One thing I’ve noticed it…AE86 drivers really like sticking their arms/elbows out the window:

Hour and some change later, we rolled into the parking lot of Pho Thaison.  Everyone was HUNGRY for some food!  We joined up with a few AW11’s from Austin, a turbo 1st gen miata, and an XRunner!


I ran around b/c we were short-staffed… I had to work while everyone else ate.  Haha, when it died down, THEN I got to eat.  Then it was off to Lime Creek!

A pit stop at a gas station and we were on our way!

ae86 | aw11 | ae86 | aw11 |ae86 - Beautiful, isn’t it?

Then we met up at Lime Creek and prepared for some runs.

What is Lime Creek you may ask?  A ROAD THAT DOESN’T EXIST ANYWHERE.  Yeah…who knew Texas had roads like this, eh?  Like 4-5 miles of motorhead bliss.  Here’s a map:

After one run, we knew we had to go again!

Second run…much scarier than the first.  I’ll leave it at that.  Haha.  Honestly, I can tell you that I’ve run Lime Creek quite a few times…but it still scares the living hoo-hoo out of me.  It’s the scariest road I’ve been on in my whole life.  Limestone wall on one side and edge of a cliff on the other… First timers should always be careful.  But it’s much harder in a group.  You always want to catch the person in front of you…not always the best idea, but when you’re going down Lime Creek you’ve got a lot on your mind.  Here’s me.

OMG. OMG. OMG. First downhill.  GO SLOW.  OMG HAIR PIN. Shift. BRAKE!!! Shift. Gas. ANOTHER SHARP TURN!  Crap, there’s a cliff there.  Is that…the lake?  My hands are getting sweaty.  Wow, he’s going fast.  Must catch.  AH! Brake! Too scary! Hairpin. Uphill. Downhil. Uphill hairpin! ONCOMING TRAFFIC!!!! Couch! OMG OMG OMG!  Stop sign.  Phew.

Yeah, many people might think I’m a wussy, but honestly, that road still scares me.  As much fun as it is 😀

We regrouped and then I headed off, I had to get to work!   Haha.  Driving into the sunset… I just thought back to the weekend….


-Thaison Nguyen


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  1. Entertaining recap Thaison. Enjoyed a peek inside “yo head” at the end.

  2. Atleast im not alone. I thought i was gonna die going 60 down a rd I can barely see.I told vene to slow down, but of course what would be the fun in that. Really loved the recap. Feels like i got to do it all over again. An thnx for using some of my pics. Vene still has my camera, But i cant wait to post my pics in my own blog. EPIC. Thnx Mike For being the master mind behind such a great time.

  3. nice wrte up. theres a road in jerome arizona that sits on the side of a mountain mutch the same as lime creek but at full tilt it takes 30mins to go one way. still the best road ive been on in the u.s.also alot less traffic.thats what worries me about lime creek. thanks for the awesome recap im a failure for not attending day three.

  4. Tai don’t feel dat ur a wuzz cause I was scare sh*tless ,just dat I couldn’t show it. I wasn’t even goin fast!!!I had no or a little bit of brakes !!!!!I had to go slow first time around!I was ready to go on the second run!I wanted to see if I could keep up with SAMs beautiful AE86!really had a blast,I’m glad I was part of a awesome event…can we say MATSURI 2011 will be just as good or better……shoot !! Can’t wait

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