XDC 2010 Round Three, Top 16 Qualifying Photos

Will Parsons Turbo 4AG AE86, As seen on WRECKED, Summit Point Raceway WV

Over thirty drifters attempted qualifying runs for the field of Top 16 in Friday’s 2010 XDC Round Three, at Summit Point Raceway in West Virginia.  The field of Top 16 would compete in tandem battles the following day, in front of over 10,000 fans who would attend the weekend’s Hyperfest activities.  Check out some of the great photos bellow…

Doug Van Den Brink was the #1 qualifier, score 86, speed 72 mph

Steve Angerman in the Mobil1 Solstice was the #2 qualifier, score 84, speed 71 mph

Stewart Leask from TX was the #4 qualifier, score 83, speed 79 mph

Chelsea DeNofa, another TX driver was your #5 qualifier, score 80, speed 76 mph

James Evans' LS2 350Z came in at #8, score 63, speed 71 mph

Brian Peter and his LS1 FC RX7 was #9, score 61, speed 69 mph

Charlie Tyson's Greddy S14 came in at #12, score 58, speed 73 mph

Will Parsons drove well, unfortunately his underpowered AE86 did not hold up for a Top 16 finish due to a turbo 4AG that was on it's way out. Built motor, here we come!

Chelsea DeNofa would move on to face Charlie Tyson in the round of Top 16, and was hoping to go all the way to the top this time, after having finished with two Top 8 finishes in the previous rounds this season.

For a full trip recap, including a recap all the way up to a podium finish, in the words of our very own Chelsea DeNofa, follow this link and read on… http://wp.me/pPD1d-ch

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    !!!Wills engine gave away but like u said.New motor build(should do a thread about it)

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