NST at XDC Round Three, Summit Point WV, Part One

Summit Point Raceway, WV

Our road trip to the third round of the 2010 XDC in Summit Point, WV started in Houston, TX and we were excited to get our fill of “whips, chicks, drifts.”  A quick trip through Dallas, TX to pick up our good friend Stewart Leask( AKA  Steven Lusk) and his monster 240SX, and we would be on our way.  Thirty hours later and we reached our destination in West Virginia.

Chelsea DeNofa and Will Parsons under the TX flag at Summit Point

Almost ready to leave Houston on Wednesday

Refreshments for the road, good stuff!!!

After loading Stewart's S13 in Dallas

These tires on the trailer definitely need to be changed!

Stewart and Aubre

This is what a $300.00 fill-up looks like

Lots of green in this photo

Will Parsons and Chelsea DeNofa at Summit Point Raceway, at the NST tent

At one of the drivers' meetings

Race gas is what the NST AE86 likes best!

The rest of us like water and NOS!

Continue reading and view photos from Top 16 Qualifying … http://wp.me/pPD1d-c3

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  1. i like how clean all the nst n stew cars look!Cant wait to see action pics!!!

  2. what hpnd to the truck? overheated??

    Great pics, I lol’d @ the drinks/waters scattered on the floor.

    I’ve seen a sister to that tire with the nipple, Gil knows what I’m referring to. ahhaha

  3. LOL! The truck has not overheated on us all year, but we have had to replace a fuel filter or two!

    MIKE @ NST

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