NST Went Back To The Future & Came Back!

This trip was awesome!

If you’re an avid NST blog reader, then you know that we recently invited you to join us for a trip Back To The Future.  If you’re not, you can get caught up by clicking here and reading.  Go ahead we’ll wait for you… OK, back? good!  So a number of us met at NST, had some refreshments thanks to our good friends at NOS Houston, and drove out to watch a one night showing of the classic, Back To The Future.

Plenty of the good stuff on hand at NST

John of NST likes the RED cans best!

This is good stuff, I like it!

Poonnin AKA Grumpy, likes the refreshments and the Toyotas out front

Two of our favorite customers stopped by to have a drink and discuss an AE86 project!

The Punisher was thirsty after a long day of work

This pic needs no caption

After almost an hour on the road, we pulled into the lot at the Showboat Drive In

Trucks are bigger and badder in TX, Mark's 4X4 Tacoma has a rear mounted turbo

Deloreans got in for free, the spectators loved them, and I couldn't get many clear shots

Kaitie jumped in for a quick pic. We dragged her out before she could go back to 1985!

Looks really good for a 25 year old car!

Hey, did you forget to bring your engine with you?! hehehe

Can you guess what Chelsea DeNofa is thinking? Think drift mods!

It's almost showtime... the movie starts at dusk...

Over 100 cars were parked in front of the big screen, anxiously awaiting showtime

I went inside to grab some food and support my local drive in!

I managed to snap this as Einstein made the first trip in time in the Delorean!

Doc discussed the time table as we all looked on

Marty pulled out the camera to get some footage and I thought, maybe it's time for me to stop working and put away my camera... so I did, and enjoyed the rest of the film.

If you missed this event, you missed out on a great time.  Don’t let it happen again!

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