NST At 86garage Statewide Meet, April 2010, Austin TX.

AE86 owners at the 2010 86garage Statewide Meet!

The Toyota Corolla AE86 has been an icon of the Japanese car culture for over 25 years now.  The car that started drifting in Japan has received worldwide fame over the past couple decades, especially here in the USA.  More than a dozen AE86 owners came out when a few members of the local Texas forums, 86gargae.com, decided to host a 2010 statewide meet in Austin, Texas.

Most of these guys have more than one 86, some are parts cars, others are projects that will likely never be finished on time, some are lightly modified, while others will destroy cars that carry a price tag three to four times as much.  Either way, all these guys and girls LOVE their cars and they came to hang out, chat with other 86 owners, and drive the Austin twisties.

Enjoy the pictures bellow…

4AG 20 valve discussion

What time is it?!

At Pho Thai Son for some great Vietnamese Cuisine


Other Toyotas are welcomed too, especially the AW11 MR2

Grab a map, we're about to hit the Austin twisties!

Man, I LOVED seeing this AW11 on the road

The other cars quickly moved over to let the AE86 train move through

I wasn't the only one taking pics!

The Moore brothers always show support and come out. Thanks guys!

Smile for the camera =)

AE86s up ahead and following behind!

Aaron and his wife traveled down from Dallas

Kaylynn's T-Top AW11 is very clean!

Finally at the spot, almost time to hit the twisties!

You should really be kicking yourself right about now if you missed this!

One word: AWESOME!!!

Stay tuned!

NST – NonStopTuning


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  1. man, i had a blast! i wish more people could’ve gotten to it, but great event nevertheless!

    nice to meet people and put faces to names!

    Mike – let me know about that event you were talking about towards the end of the year!

  2. where is that sweet ae92 I saw up there?

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