NEW FROM NST: AE86 Alternator Bracket Upgrade/Replacement

NonStopTuning AE86 Toyota Corolla 4AGE Alternator Bracket

NonStopTuning is proud to introduce a limited run of Toyota Corolla AE86 alternator bracket replacements.  The NST kit eliminates the old cast iron bracket and is an excellent upgrade for the 4AG powered AE86 Corolla, AW11 MR2, and other similar Toyotas.


NonStopTuning AE86 4AG Alternator Bracket vs. OEM Toyota Bracket

NonStopTuning Alternator Bracket

NonStopTuning vs Toyota

NST – NonStopTuning


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  1. i dig it over the stock bracket. applying tension to the belt is effortless.

  2. i think is awesome! i would buy one!

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