NST Honda Civic Si K20 Pulley Kit Featured In Import Tuner Mag

The NST K20 Kit for the Honda Civic Si is featured in Import Tuner Magazine Power Pages!

The Import Tuner Civic Si was dyno tested at Skunk2 in Southern California on a Superflow Chasis Dyno and peak numbers rose +3.4hp and +4.0tq. Power and torque were up across the entire RPM band and certain areas saw gains as high as +4.5hp and +6.1tq. Very very impressive for a $200 modification.

Some excerpts from the Import Tuner Power Pages include:

“Reducing rotational mass is always a reliable way to gain a few ponies on nearly any engine. NST’s lightweight pulleys saved 4.2 pounds compared to the OEM ones, and do not under drive the alternator- meaning no dead batteries or dimming lights from an under-active alternator. The NST pulleys are CNC-machined from 6061 T6 aluminum billets, balanced to tighter-than-OE tolerances, and available in anodized … finishes”

“After two installment of Power Pages and the addition of six basic bolt-on parts, our Civic Si has become a rolling billboard for the way in which aftermarket modifications can improve upon OE engineering. … more free power was found by replacing the K20’s heavy cast pulleys with lightweight billet aluminum NST replacements. Also impressive is that as power grew, demand for additional fuel didn’t. Modifications completed to this point only served to increase our K20Z3’s efficiency- meaning we’ll see increased reliability and fuel efficiency from our new Si, alongside more power. … As long as we can keep from driving it with a lead foot!”

IMPORT TUNER Sept 2008 issue
Text & Photos: Luke Munnell

NST NonStopTuning
Civic Si K20 Kit: NST22015K

NST Honda Civic Si K20 Pulley Kit Dyno

NST – NonStopTuning


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