NST AE86 @ Ellington Air Force Base

The NST AE86 posting up against an F-16 and an Apache Helicopter

We had a chance recently to take the NST AE86 out to Ellington Air Force Base in Houston, Texas for a mini photo shoot.  Thanks to our good friend Jacob, we had the opportunity to post up with an F-16, and an Apache helicopter, for some awesome pictures.

Many thanks to Rob Castaneda for spending the day with us behind his professional lens.  You can see some of Rob’s other work on his website, Castaneda Photography.

Will Parsons' NST AE86 is always ready for action!

Catch me if you can!


What a great experience!

Thanks again Jacob, we appreciate it!

For anyone who may be interested, you can catch the NST AE86 on the road this season.
We will travel to seven different cities on the XDC tour in 2010!

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